Monday, December 12, 2011

The Dwell Studio Dance

Moving things around in your house is a sure fire way to get a new look fast without spending any money. Buying things in the first place that have a common thread the weaves throughout the whole house makes for good design with stylish results.

Guest room now - Dwell Studio bedding, the Peacock pattern in Citrine moved in here - Also move in the painting that used to hang over the bed in the master bedroom, and the pair of mercury glass lamps, and the "santos" lady on the vanity

A few years ago I got some bedding from Dwell Studio. An investment for sure, and well worth it. The quality is gorgeous to the hand, and the wash and wear is awesome. The design ethos at Dwell Studio is modern and fabulous, with touchstones to the  traditional, so it mixes in really well with all styles.

The flip flopped bedding works with everything in the guest room

Recently i repainted the master bedroom, changing the color scheme. Rather than get new bedding, I swapped the Dwell Studio bedding I have in the guest room, with the DS I had in the master. Magically it works wonderfully, and it feels like we have "new" bedding in each room.

The Hedgerow pattern bedding from Dwell Studio moved into the master bedroom

Because of the color changes in each room, I also flip-flopped the accessories. Orange came into the master bedroom, and blues went into the guest room.

All the orange accessories from the guest room look great with the new green color scheme - I really love the Foo dog with the Nanjing toile headboard

The other nightstand has a vase of orange flowers, and the  lamps with the red lamp shades  that were in the guest room look wonderful in the master bedroom now

"Shopping" for things you already have in your house, and moving them around is the perfect way to chase away the doldrums and make everything feel refreshed and fun again.

I love my Dwell Studio stuff for sure!

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  1. I love how you changed 'my' room! :)
    Your new room is just YOU and as always you styled it fashionably!

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  3. I agree with your conclusions and looking forward to your coming updates. Thanks for sharing.


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