Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Architect, Designer, Barista, Or Engineer?

We are all bustling about, so I doubt that you have time for reading blogs. But if you are taking a break and sipping something nice, take a look at these two fun things.

Paper bag turkey - go to - One Charming Party to see how to make this - It's so cute!

It looks easy

And this cute quiz should make you smile. I found it on Houzz and cut and pasted it for you.
from Houzz:
Instructions for taking this quiz: Read the questions and answer quickly. Try not to think about your answers; just go with the first one that comes to mind for each. Then consult the answers at the bottom of the page to determine if you are or are not an architect. Good luck! 
by Coffee with an Architect

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Feel free to make changes in your life accordingly.
And Happy Thanksgiving!
Kids tables - Yes or No?
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  1. Yes, to kids' tables simply because it's more fun for them. We never had them at my family gatherings, and boy, was I bored!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Val!

  2. sure, why not? love the paper turkey!

  3. Manners on Thanksgiving.

    Sam Twain


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