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Today is a designated day to shop local. Here in New Orleans most of us shop local 99% of the time. We support one another in a big way. So in honor of a national day of shopping local,  I want to tell you about a new shop on Magazine Street, which is perhaps one of the best streets ever devoted to home furnishings.

Malachite - a new shop on Magazine Street - so chic!

Melissa Rufty and Adrienne Casbarian have opened a swank new place called Malachite. Melissa is the pride of New Orleans, a younger designer that has gotten national acclaim in top shelter magazines. Adrienne is the wind beneath her wings.

Come on in!

Oh boy this looks good!

Melissa confesses that like many designers and decorators, she found herself hovering on becoming a hoarder. Anyone who decorators is drawn to beautiful things, and just because you don't have room for them in your own home, or a client in mind for them, it doesn't stop you from buying.  Eventually you run out of storage space, and decide to sell off some of your semi precious finds.

Adrienne with a customer

Thank God for high class hoarding!!!

And that is exactly what the shop Malachite is all about. You are buying the fabulous stuff Adrienne and Melissa have gathered. No flash mob estate sale for these stylish girls. No way. Instead they took the street level storefront below MMR Interiors and created a chic and friendly space.

You know Melissa's work - It's been in every major magazine, a couple of design  books, and pinned onto thousands of Pinterest boards, and constantly been  blogged about

 Malachite walls behind  a bookshelf - This would be a good way to paint the back of any bookcase

Malachite walls and fab pillows, oh my!

Look at the killer desk chair! It's for sale

Malachite was the inspiration for the name. It is a semi-precious stone, and the girls love the color, a deep nuanced green. They painted the walls of the shop an almost black green. Melissa jokes that from the outside the walls look black and no one can see that they are open.

This blue mirror is one of Melissa's favorites

I love this little lion

Someone please get these chairs

The girls tell us that this is not an antique shop, but rather a place filled with their finds, all the finishing touches every home needs to make it layered and  personal and special and beautiful. There are some killer vintage pieces, which I love, because vintage is truly unique and usually one-of-a-kind.  They also sell the Bunny Williams line (Beeline) which is a great resource for New Orleans.

Malachite carries Bunny Williams Beeline - I need this Bunny Williams  table! I spy Bryan Batt's book Big Easy Style

I disagree, because the moment you see the green stripe awnings and the glimmer of exciting things through the window, you want to get in there. Malachite is located in the same little courtyard as another fab New Orleans shop, Leontine Linens.

Love the vignette, and the clam shell lamp is killer

Malachite has a great art collection that is decorative and affordable

Ooh ooh - What's that spiky thingee???

So cute and spiky

Great mix of textures

So go on over there today and pick up a gift or two (one for a friend, and one for you). And tell them The Vamp sent you.

Malachite calling card - I spy Susanna Salk's book Be Your Own Decorator

Malachite New Orleans

Their address - web site under construction

Adrienne Casbarian and Melissa Rufty welcome you to Malachite - Tell them The Vamp sent you!

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  1. What a fabulous place! It's great that MMR Interiors is making some of Melissa's amazing taste available to the general public. I would really, really love all of those chairs. I need a larger apartment for all the chairs I see and love (seriously. I was watching a TV show filmed in the 1970s this week, and was completely distracted from the plotline by all the FABULOUS cane and bamboo chairs...).


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