Thursday, November 22, 2012

Six Thousand

Watching the news this Thanksgiving morning where the chipper newsmen and newswomen blithely tell a nation of fatties that the average calorie count consumed per person on Thanksgiving is anywhere from 3000- 6000. And they didn't include cocktails and wine in the list of foods.

Anyhoo, wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I was busy making my turkey this morning.

My turkey is stuffed with popcorn

I got the recipe from One Charming Party

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  1. HAHAHA, wonderful!
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends! Enjoy this day!
    Victoria and Mirek

  2. That is sooo cute! I am cooking for two friends today. I made a list of all the things they wanted to eat today and it just went on and on and on. So I am busy making all these things that I could care less about eating. Give me a bowl of pumpkin soup and wild rice salad and a green salad and I'd be super happy. Alas....I'm only making the wild rice everything else is their choice. Happy Thanksgiving, Valorie!


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