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Shop Keepers Homes: Martine Chaisson

Martine Chaisson and her family are natives of New Orleans, one of thousands of residents who decided to come back after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild and continue to live here. As hurricane season starts today, an tornadoes in the mid section of the USA are ripping it apart, we all need to consider how fragile our presence is on planet Earth is.

Martine Chaisson renovated this 19th century building in the warehouse district in New Orleans

Martine has an art gallery (Martine Chaisson Gallery) that she and her family fashioned out of a 19th century building in the warehouse district. The gallery is on the street level, and Martine and her new husband live on the floors above. There is even a ballroom available for party and event rental.

The gallery is downstairs

There is a ballroom available for rental

from Domaine:

"Born again After Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005, Chaisson and her family—New Orleans natives determined not to leave—decided to purchase the building that now houses her gallery and flat. They renovated the former sheet-metal shop to its original 1853 glory as a Bible House (a gathering place for Christian studies), revealing divine details like crown molding, plaster ceiling medallions, and sky-high baseboards. For her living space on the second floor, Chaisson collaborated with the team who designed her first apartment, longtime friend John Fernandez and his partner Jennifer True of Fernadez & True Interiors in Atlanta.

The living room - Martine did not feel she had to fill the old building with antiques

Detail of seating area near the fireplace

A modern credenza styled nicely

The adorable and resilient Martine

The master bedroom has significant touches of luxury

Modern floral motif wallpaper in another bedroom

You can read more at Domaine and in CUE Magazine.

One of the best things that happened after Katrina is the influx of young entrepreneurs and retired people with great energy and a fierce love for New Orleans, and money to make and spend.

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  1. I think that gorgeous ballroom would make a wonderful setting for a milango

  2. An amazing space! Its been years since I have been to New Orleans and I would love to see more of the rebuilt parts.


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