Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Liz Caan

While searching the web for images of the Alexandra chair designed by Suzanne Kasler, I came across a photo of a very pretty dressing room with that chair. The room was designed by Liz Caan, and from that one photo I followed a trail to her web site. I share a few of my favorite images. Enjoy!

What a great idea for a front door - And here's a tip - a cow hide rug makes a wonderful rug in an entry way - it is impervious to dirt
Do your front door like Liz Caan - You can find stencils and decals on Etsy - I like this one too

I am doing banquettes in my dining room, and love this idea of a banquette back that looks like a headboard

This affordable headboard would work as a back for a banquette

I have used a table with a root base for a client and love the look of it

Root base table from Groundworks

Love the accent colors and textiles in this family room designed by Liz Caan

Affordable initial pillows on Etsy

This is the kind of attention to detail that really makes me smile

Industrial faucet handles can be painted any color - I love this vintage ones from Etsy

Don't you love the hanging bed mixed with sophisticated wallpaper and classic monogram bedding

Here's a hanging bed from Etsy - I guess you could make one - I would pad it like the one Liz Caan did

Here's the Palu hanging bed from Zinc Door

Here's the photo that sent me down the rabbit hole to discover Liz Caan

Buy the Alexandra chair from Pacific Bay Interiors

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  1. Hello, doll! It has been a while. LOVE the idea of the banquette backs like headboards. Hugs to you both! -- E + J

  2. I love those hanging beds! And the first image of the Welcome on the door is just beautiful. What got me the most, though, is the wallpaper in the image with the hanging bed and the dormer. To.die.

  3. I'm a big fan of Alexander Chair, but dang! That comes with a big price tag! Love the idea of cow hide in an entry way. I'm also loving the deep red door in the first image - I wonder what color that is.

  4. I finally flipped through the entire "House Proud" book that I bought from Claire at Artvark Interiors. Beautiful job! Now...I want to add silk chiffon drapes everywhere! Unfortunately, I've seen a decline in the use of silk in the South (ok, minus New Orleans)...but of the glamour, I'll never tire :)


  5. Hey Valorie,
    I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago inviting you to guest post on our blog. We will be doing some traveling in February, and have asked two or three of our favorite bloggers to write a guest post. Sorry you couldn't get back to us. I know you are a busy gal.


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