Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Jenny Andrews from MFAMB is having a love affair with vinyl.  I've been having one for years. I covered my dining chairs, a French settee, and a camel back sofa if faux white leather, which is really, uh vinyl. I have also done this for clients' furniture.

Jenny says, "that some of you think vinyl is the asshole of all fabrics. The most annoying of all fabrics. The Luann in London of fabrics".

She has a way with words. Really. I love her.
These chairs are for Jenny - designed by Ashley Longshore
Anyhoo, I found some very special vinyl covered furniture that I think Jenny will love, and I think you will love too. It's designed by the artist Ashley Longshore here in New Orleans. Scroll down and enjoy!

Ocean blue metallic with gold fish

Bonjour! Hot pink glitter! You know you want these!

Tasteful beige glitter Time Out chairs

Spectacular vintage Milo Baughman chairs covered in white metallic vinyl, named the Paparazzi Chairs

Fab Kelly Green frame with Audrey painted on patent leather vinyl

Black French frame chair with matte finish beige vinyl with Audrey painting on it

Fantastic robins egg blue vinyl on an antique settee frame

Child and adult size Time Out chairs in gray and yellow vinyl - I could sit on one forever

Ashley Longshore with her chairs - In her talented hands vinyl is art - photo by Michael Smith

Anybody else out there love vinyl? Just one thing: Don't wear a vinyl rain coat when you sit on a vinyl chair. You might get stuck there forever.

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  1. I love Ashley! Such a remarkable talent!

  2. Even the lowliest materials can be elevated to the height of class if treated with perfect technical skill. And with the application of the words and pictures can be brought even higher to the realm of "art". Too great!

  3. These chairs are awesome! I don't have any vinyl in my home, but this post has caused me to rethink my position.

  4. Fun and truly original! New Orleans has a wealth of talented designers and artists.

  5. I use vinyl a lot for my own home and for clients. It's so chic looking and it's AMAZING with messy kids! I can't imagine life without it! All my dining chairs are patent leather vinyl and I just wipe them down with a wet cloth at the end of meals and they are good to go!