Friday, April 3, 2015

India Hicks Island Style

With so much of the country having a long hard winter lasting into spring, I almost feel guilty about the warm weather in New Orleans. This is the perfect time of year when soft breezes from the gulf blow across the city fragrant with spring blossoms. It feels expansive and beach like, especially in the balmy early mornings.

Sipping coffee on my patio, I pour over the book "India Hicks Island Style". India Hicks with all her royal connections and accomplishments comes off as one of us. And by us I mean those who love to decorate and entertain and take pictures and love their life (and friends and family) and share the fruits of their labor.

There are so many lovely vignettes in the book. India and husband David have a myriad of interesting collections that are lovingly displayed throughout their Caribbean home. The party decor she creates for at home gatherings is fun and creative, and I think very inspirational (steal the look!) and something we could attempt.

This book reads like a visual family album. I keep going back to it, finding so many pieces of happiness. The press release says, "India Hicks Island Style offers a wondrous blend of her design philosophy and practical advice. Witty, inspirational, and beautifully photographed, this book will enchant and transport readers...". I agree! Add it to your summer reading list, or bring it as the perfect hostess gift.

India Hicks: Island Style by India Hicks, Rizzoli New York, 2015
Photography by one of my favorites, Miguel Flores Vianna (photos courtesy of Rizzoli)