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Here's a guest post and giveaway from Quiet Homes Paint, a mother (Lisa)-daughter (Andi) team passionate about color and design. With a common mission to create a paint line for children's rooms that was not only beautiful and cohesive but safe for both earth and child, the Quiet Nursery Collection was born. Once established, they added the home line to encourage the use of safe, beautiful paints in the whole home.

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a big Huge MASSIVE giveaway. chairs edition.

Guys.  Today, we are giving away two incredible items to two lucky people.
These chairs.  How great are they?  Not only are they fabulous and beautiful and unique (if we do say so ourselves) but they were made in a really sustainable way.  They were salvaged from a yard sale, painted with our completely non-toxic, organic, safe paint, and reupholstered with scraps of leftover fabric from Lisa's studio.

So.  Why are we giving them away?  Here's the deal:  When Lisa and I first started this here little paint company, we had the idea to add a line of painted furniture like these chairs to our products.

We love doing it and we thought they were a nice tie-in to our paint line, showcasing our colors in a new and different way while also staying true to our goal to offer organic, safe, sustainable products.  While all of this is true, it quickly became clear that was no way we could maintain constantly adding new pieces to our site while also running this company just the two of us.

These two are prototypes from when we first had the idea and we'd rather they go to a good home where you can ohh and ahh over the beautiful colors (and of course tell all your friends about how wonderful Quiet Home Paints is!) than sit around our studio.

The details: These chairs would retail for $600 each.  And we are giving them away.  To you! They've been sitting around our studio getting no use and no love and we want them showcased in your home where they will attract the attention they deserve.   Interested?  To enter your name in the drawing to win these awesome chairs:

1.  Go to our facebook page and like us! Or pin these chairs on pinterest.
2.  Leave a comment here or on facebook telling us you've like us or pinned us AND which chair you like and why.

Two winners (one for each chair) will be drawn at random on Wednesday, July 31st.   There is one small catch.  The chairs are located at Lisa's studio in Portsmouth NH.  You must either be able to pick them up at her location or pay for the shipping to get them to you.

Good luck!!

ps.  if you don't win and you love the chairs, we still do custom pieces for people.  While we don't have the time to make enough to have a constant supply on the site, we do love working with our customers to create pieces just for them.  If you are interested in a chair or other piece of furniture, shoot us an email!