Monday, April 30, 2012

In Style and Perky

Do you remember when InStyle Magazine had a separate shelter magazine? It didn't last long, but while it did, it had some nice things in it. In their regular fashion issues, they often devote a few pages in the back of the magazine to design and decor and entertaining.

This month they had a cure feature called "10 Ways To Perk Up Any Room." So how about it? Are you feeling perky yet?

#1. Hang drapes from ceiling to floor

#2 New lampshades (Target has some colorful ones - #2. Paint a room a dark color - #3 Art in the kitchen

#5 Lacquer your walls - #6 Get a bench or banquette for the dining room and put your table against a wall - #7 Display art on a ledge or shelf

#8 Be bold in the bathroom - #9 Brighten bookshelves, paint the back of them a color - #10 Accessorize a tray
What do you do to perk up your house?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sources! I Got Sources For An Iconic Room From Be Your Own Decorator

Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk (Rizzoli), is my most favorite go-to  idea book. So in honor of that, I did my guest picks in an Ideabook over at Houzz.

I share over twenty sources of takeaways from the iconic room Bunny Williams did for a decorator showhouse, a room  that spawned a lot of chatter on the decor world blogosphere.

So go on over to Houzz and see what you can pick up. The deal with the takeaway is to use one or all of them depending on how you are your own decorator.

Bunny Williams as seen in Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk - photo by Thomas Loof courtesy of Rizzoli

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Readers And Other Bloggers

I love getting email from readers and blog friends. And I love it when you send photos. I also love finding things on other blogs that I haven't seen, and want to share here.

First up is blogger Skyla who writes the fresh and young blog Sanity Fair.
She wrote to me after I left a comment about her fab green dining room, "Thanks for your comment on my dining room! Per your question, the wall color is Hanging Vine by Mystic Paint. I actually considered getting a custom shade like "Miles Redd Green" based on your post on it. Luckily, this was close enough, but you inspired me! I entered my apartment (all 425 square feet of it) in the Small Cool Contest on Apartment Therapy - more pictures of green!"

I love this room that Skyla did! You know it is my favorite color crush of the moment. Vote for her!
So get on over to Apartment Therapy and see more pictures and vote for Skyla! I love every detail she has, including the coral pulls on her desk.

I did a post about art in the kitchen, and got a very sweet note from reader Pamela Clark who sent me a photo of a painting her daughter Sally Jeanne Clark did that hangs in the kitchen. I think it's great!

Art spices up this kitchen, painting by Sally Jeanne Clark
The young lady with her painting - Hope she doesn't mind that her mom sent the photo

And it seems that lots of my friends are having babies! So nursery decorating has been on the mind lately, and I am drawn to images of how modern mommies are making their babies rooms pretty. I found this one at Little Green Notebook, and was immediately in love with the black and white design.

So chic! Love the black and white stripe window shade, and the bassinet skirt is couture! via Little Green Notebook

This is how to do a nursery! via Little Green Notebook

So keep the cards and letters coming! I love hearing from you, and we all love to see and share projects. Don't forget to vote for Skyla!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Living Together Apart

My friend Sara pointed me to a little story in The NY Times by a favorite writer Penelope Green. To quote: "... new twist on a newish trend, particularly among boomer-age couples, known as living apart together, or L.A.T. for short, an acronym that describes those who commit to each other, but not to having the same address".

From The New York Times

I think that most couples end up living together apart even at the same address. It used be twins beds, or maybe separate bedrooms. Maybe the garage workshop for the guy or a den, and a sewing room for the lady. You know, like in the old movie Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. Even in a shared studio apartment, couples will find their own corners.

The most famous TV couple living together apart

Our home is not overly large or small, and Alberto and I each have our own corners that we disappear into for the better part of a day. He has an upstairs office with all that he needs up there except for a bathroom and kitchen.  I tend to work at the table in the breakfast area, and relax in the living room. As most couples do, we have different TV viewing preferences, though we will often watch a movie we like together, usually in bed, or in the living room. I don't visit the man cave very often.

The most famous movie couple living together apart

Still doing it on TV - The Petries

Living together apart - two guys - TV is still pretty uptight and does not show gay couples sleeping arrangments

At night we sleep together in a bed big enough to accommodate two totally different sleeping styles, mine restless and active, his calm and serene. Cholo our dog sleeps with us until he can't stand my moving around, and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang the cat, is nocturnal, often patrolling the house.

This was groundbreaking TV in the 1970s - The Newharts in one big bed

Sometimes I think about moving to the guest room because I feel my restlessness is disturbing, but I am old fashion and want to drop my head on the pillow every night next to the man I love.

The Times article is charming. About artists, a couple living in twin houses, one pink one blue, connected by a common patio. Read it and find out how they came to this arrangement. The houses are charming to look at too.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The artists as a couple that comes to mind with a similar living arrangement is Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Married, divorced, and remarried, they had a home with separate areas connected by a covered foot bridge. Of course they lived a revolutionary lifestyle of an open marriage, and Frida was an invalid for her whole life. If you have ever been sick, even with a common flu, you know you don't want anyone sleeping with you.

The home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, living together apart, two houses connected by a foot bridge

What do you think of living together apart, in different houses, or in the same house?

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Magazines On The Newstands Now

I subscribe to them all. This month is pretty good, with humble little Southern Living taking the lead. Next is Traditional Home! Really! House Beautiful just gets by this month, mainly because I love the 101 Tips From The Experts. Architectural Digest is getting better since that breath of fresh called Margaret Russel took over. Elle Decor is at the bottom again. Hope they get their groove back. And that $11. Domino thing is a sad waste. Conde Nast might want to put Lonny or Rue into hard copy print instead.

Anyway, I scanned a few of the things I felt compelled to rip out and save and share with you. Now go out there and buy a few magazines, because scanning just doesn't do these images justice. All images from the current May 2012 issues.

We all are loving painting our doors black, but I really love the deep purple on this door - I am currently working on a project for a young couple and am trying to get them to use a cylinder shape lighting fixture instead of the fussy chandelier with crystals - Maybe this image from Southern Living, the best magazine this month, will show them how great it would be

A very cute feature in Southern Living with a lot of take-away ideas you can do

House Beautiful is trying to get its groove back - I loved this idea for the back of bookshelves - Here it is painted, but the take-away idea could be to cut foam core the size above the shelves and cover it with chevron fabric and place it in the bookshelf - Much easier and cleaner than painting, and easy to change out when you need something different

This funky room is in Traditional Home - Buy  the May issue for sure

I love this little moment in the bedroom in the May issue of Traditional Home

This bed is refreshing, as seen in May 2012 of House Beautiful

These outdoor chairs just really tickled me! The owner got them in Paris (why is it always gotten in Paris) and you can see them in Traditional Home this month along with the rest of the home

Contrary to popular belief I do not hate circles - This is genius -  painted circles on a mirror, as see in Trad Home

Two beds in one! The high padded headboard inside a four poster - The dinky rug is wrong, but the pillows look perfect, as seen in the May 2012 issue of Traditional Home

Hey hey hey! Blogger/designer Erika Powell was featured in a tastemaker article in Southern Living

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Amazing Karla Katz

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be Your Own Decorator - A Guessing Game

There is a new book out by Susanna Salk called Be Your Own Decorator. It is a bloggers dream. All of you who collect images for your blogs, or for Pins, or Houzz, or Decorpad, or any of the other zillion rabbit holes we enjoy ourselves in, will love this gorgeous book.

It is one thing to see an image on a computer screen, but an entirely different experience to hold a fabulous book in your hand and dream over beautiful images.

Are you your own decorator?

Susanna has deftly collected hundreds of images, from over 75 designers and put them in this one volume (I can see Volume 2 and so on happening). She divides the images into categories that make sense. The full bleed printing presents even familiar images in the most spectacular way making them feel fresh again.

The late great Albert Hadley gave Susanna his blessing as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

The idea of the book is to empower you the decorator. You can look at the photos and take away anywhere from one to a zillion good ideas to try in your home. For the professional, this is a handy volume to refer to, and also to let clients look at to gauge their taste.

#1.  Be Your Own Decorator - So many good ideas to take away - who's the blogger?

What is fun is that Susanna has chosen an incredible range of images. She is all inclusive, using designers that have credentials and pedigree for miles, along with bloggers who are decorators, stylists, and designers. She very much has her finger on the pulse of the populist decorating movement, and how the "pros" are influenced by the "ams". It's like street fashion making it to the runway.

 # 2 - Name the blogger in Be Your Own Decorator

 Here's a sampling of images in the book (published by Rizzoli). Can you guess who the bloggers are?

#3 - Blogger extraordinaire, public speaker, and designer - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

#4 - Not a blogger, but proud to call New Orleans home - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

#5 - She had one of the most drool worthy magazine covers ever, and she's in Be Your Own Decorator

#6 - One of the best in New Orleans - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

#7 - This is an easy guess - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

Buy the gorgeous Be Your Own Decorator, and please leave a 5 star review on Amazon

And a weird wonderful thing happened this morning while I was putting this post together. Out of the corner of my ear I heard a teaser on the Today show, and there she was, Susanna Salk doing a fab segment about the book!

Go check out the Today show segment with Susanna Salk  and see her talk about Be Your Own Decorator

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trellis Print Is Here To Stay

Do you know Decorators Best? It's a great go-to source for fabric and wallpaper. They send great little newsletters out too, and I thought I 'd share this one about trellis print.

I for one am not sick of it.  The simple graphic and geometric design in the great colors now on trend, add a bit of instant sophistication and energy to a room.

Forever Trellis
So here's a reprint from Decorators Best. Do spend some time on their site. It's a useful source, and their customer service is excellent

NYC Design Room | Fabrics | Wallpaper | Pillows | Manufacturers | Blog
Trail of Trellis
You Can Never Have Too Much Trellis!
Ever since designer Kelly Wearstler released her Imperial Trellis collection with Schumacher, the world can’t get enough of the iconic design. As the major manufacturers continue to get on board with the trellis craze, the DecoratorsBest selection of trellis fabric, wallpaper, pillows and trim is better than ever. Inspired by the latticework of legendary French vineyards, the trellis has been brought indoors to create a vibrant atmosphere and spark our decorative imaginations.
While Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis I and II collections received international acclaim, Schumacher has an eclectic range of trellis designs ranging from conventional and pretty to edgy and contemporary. Today, over 100 fabric and wallpaper selections are available under the astute Schumacher brand. Even Trina Turk Outdoor, featured in last week’s newsletter, introduces the stunning “Trellis Print” available in 6 bold colorways.
Want the look?
Phillip Jeffrie's Geo-Trellis
Phillip Jeffries , the natural wallcovering manufacturer, put trellis on the wall in a whole new way. A unique take on a classic design, the “Moroccan - White” (PJ 5147) is a hand-screened trellis wallcovering. Inspired by the architecture and colors of the North Africa, this beautifully textured trellis makes a dazzling statement for your home.
Check out our March 14th Wallpaper Wednesday for Phillip Jeffries’ glittering “Trellis Embroidery – Gold on Ivory Manila Hemp” (PJ 5911).
Want the look?
Left to right:
PJ 5147 | PJ 5145 | PJ 5142 | PJ 5144
Fabricut’s Modern Take on Trellis
Fabricut is as chic as they are innovative. Featured in their admired Zen Modern Collection, the "Maybelle Trellis – Spice" is a fresh interpretation of the classic trellis design. A soft and luxurious silk-cotton blend, Maybelle’s interlocked trellis design has a sleek shine when under the light. A multipurpose fabric available in 6 distinct colors, this trellis makes for exceptional bedding.
Fabricut’s Sunsations Traditional Collection is home to their "Trellis – Flamingo," a bright, comfortable outdoor fabric.
Left to right:
Maybelle Trellis - Mocha | Maybelle Trellis - Ivory | Maybelle Trellis - Caper | Maybelle Trellis - Aqua | Maybelle Trellis - Amber
Introducing Clarence House!
Clarence House is the latest manufacturer to team up with DecoratorsBest to offer our valued clients their entire line of top-quality fabric and wallpaper. Backed by their art director Kazumi Yoshida and his impeccable eye for design, Clarence House is a leading style-setter for the interior design community.
In a collaboration with famed designer Neisha Crosland, Clarence House released the “Lantern – Turquoise” trellis wallpaper. Like an interwoven, gilded gate in front of a light blue sky, this trellis wallpaper is a terrific choice for your home.
Want to take it home?
Left to right:
Lantern - Rose | Lantern - Pigeon Blue | Lantern - Desert | Lantern - Buff

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