Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be Your Own Decorator - A Guessing Game

There is a new book out by Susanna Salk called Be Your Own Decorator. It is a bloggers dream. All of you who collect images for your blogs, or for Pins, or Houzz, or Decorpad, or any of the other zillion rabbit holes we enjoy ourselves in, will love this gorgeous book.

It is one thing to see an image on a computer screen, but an entirely different experience to hold a fabulous book in your hand and dream over beautiful images.

Are you your own decorator?

Susanna has deftly collected hundreds of images, from over 75 designers and put them in this one volume (I can see Volume 2 and so on happening). She divides the images into categories that make sense. The full bleed printing presents even familiar images in the most spectacular way making them feel fresh again.

The late great Albert Hadley gave Susanna his blessing as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

The idea of the book is to empower you the decorator. You can look at the photos and take away anywhere from one to a zillion good ideas to try in your home. For the professional, this is a handy volume to refer to, and also to let clients look at to gauge their taste.

#1.  Be Your Own Decorator - So many good ideas to take away - who's the blogger?

What is fun is that Susanna has chosen an incredible range of images. She is all inclusive, using designers that have credentials and pedigree for miles, along with bloggers who are decorators, stylists, and designers. She very much has her finger on the pulse of the populist decorating movement, and how the "pros" are influenced by the "ams". It's like street fashion making it to the runway.

 # 2 - Name the blogger in Be Your Own Decorator

 Here's a sampling of images in the book (published by Rizzoli). Can you guess who the bloggers are?

#3 - Blogger extraordinaire, public speaker, and designer - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

#4 - Not a blogger, but proud to call New Orleans home - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

#5 - She had one of the most drool worthy magazine covers ever, and she's in Be Your Own Decorator

#6 - One of the best in New Orleans - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

#7 - This is an easy guess - as seen in Be Your Own Decorator

Buy the gorgeous Be Your Own Decorator, and please leave a 5 star review on Amazon

And a weird wonderful thing happened this morning while I was putting this post together. Out of the corner of my ear I heard a teaser on the Today show, and there she was, Susanna Salk doing a fab segment about the book!

Go check out the Today show segment with Susanna Salk  and see her talk about Be Your Own Decorator

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  1. This looks to good to pass up. Any that gets me thinking.... Mother's Day is just around the corner. P.S. I couldn't agree more, there's nothing like holding a beautiful book in your hands!

  2. So glad to see you were included #7...that clock face on the shutters still gets me1 I am going to pin it right now!

  3. Another good book, I still need to order the Veranda book.

    XO T

  4. Isn't this love at first sight? Lovely, oh how many books can my shelf hold???
    And you are in it! Yeah!

  5. What a great looking book. So cool that you are in it.

  6. Love the pictures in this book but detest the way the designer handled the copy which is using overburned type over pictures. Sometimes the color choice of type/picture rends the words absolutely unreadable. Such a waste! Often the words were from the decorators themselves and assumed the words added meaning to the concept. If there is a vol 2, could we please ask to be able to read this book and not just drool over it?

  7. I loved seeing your beautiful house in Susanna's new book!
    Congratulations Valorie for this well deserved recognition of you talent.

    xo xo

  8. i just found your blog via brooke's tweet! Love it! am your newest follower!

  9. Jill Sharp BrinsonMay 13, 2012 at 8:06 AM

    Valerie -- your home just looked ah-mazing! How fun is it to be included in a book with all the GREATS??!?!?!
    xxxx Jill

  10. Jill!
    So good to hear from you!
    And YOU are one of those greats included in the book!
    xo xo