Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Gift For You

The good folks at Hearst sent me a very nice book that I want you to have. Just let me know that you want it.  It would be a nice gift, or a nice addition to your design book library.

Designer Randy Florke--who has been featured in Country Living, the New York Times, People magazine, and on the Today show--showcases his warm, homey, and sustainable heartland sensibility

Florke explores his "three muses" of design--comfort, economy, and color--and presents real-life examples of rooms that radiate charm.

Economy means items chosen from flea markets, thrift stores, or grandmother's attic.

Anyone hoping to transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary will find thrifty and stylish ways to design, plus a numerous "Quick Fix" sections with cheap, fast solutions to common problems.

Just let me know you want it, and I'll pay the postage.

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  1. I love simple, sustainable and I love Country my house in definitley not a home. I don't even have the gumption to put up a Christmas tree I'm sad to say.

    Great giveaway my dear. Hugs to you! xxoo

  2. I would love to have the book. Where do I sign up?

  3. I love this style. I'd love to have the book.
    Thanks for the chance. I am a follower on your new blog.

  4. I'm with Anita-where do we sign up? (head scratching and think this is a fantastic giveaway)

  5. I would love to win the book! It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I'm following you now!

  6. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks fro stopping by! Just leave me a comment here if you want the book, and I will email one of you in a couple of days.
    xo xo

  7. I love anything by Country Living. I have been reading your blog for over two years, you are on our blog roll, and I love your decorating style. The book would be read by me (many times) and shared with my daughter/blog partner, and my little 86 year-old mother. Plus, although I can't tango, I love Argentina and have been there twice. Thanks for the chance.

  8. I would love to own a copy! Thanks for a chance! It looks like it has a lot of inspiring ideas . . . and I could use all the inspiration I can get.

  9. This book looks perfect! My young family and I just moved into an old rental that needs some fun, unique, and inexpensive fixes to make it look its best. I would love to gain some inspiration from this book!!

  10. I always love looking a new, beautiful spaces and would love to receive this book. thanks for the opportunity.

  11. i'm sure this book is delightful--i am familiar with florke's work from features in some of my favorite country decorating magazines.


    1. This style reminds me of the house I grew up in. Would love to have a copy! Love the blog and love you!

  12. I know a lady n the West Bank who would love this book. I'll email you.

  13. I would love to have this book! I enjoy your blog. Thank you, Sue

  14. I would like to have your generous offer of the free book.


  15. Valorie,
    I am emailing my address for the book you have offered. Thanks!


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