Saturday, November 10, 2012

Case Study Little Girls Rooms

I have a project to do a little girl's room. I asked Jenny Andrews from MFAMB Home what little girls like these days. She assured me that a canopy is a sure fire object of affection. And yes I think she's right. I remember wanting one when I was a little girl.

The house is a gorgeous modern home. Nothing shabby chic or trad about it. I've been engaged to add a mix and warmth.

Here are some images Jenny sent me, and some I gathered myself as a boiling point for thought bubbles. The little girl loves pink (of course), and her parents are partial to aqua and turquoise.

This bed from Anthrolpogie is one she can grow up with - We are going to use a queen size bed

This iron bed from Anthropologie is an all time fave of mine - the canopy comes off if she ever get tired of it, and I think the trad lines would be great for the ox on a mod house

This would work in the house - Pink accessories would make it little girl perfect

Love the  global mix the Novogratz did for this little girls room - I know just where to get a bed like one of these

This simple canopy idea could work with any upholstered headboard

Love this room - Painting the ceiling pink is sophisticated

Melissa Rufty did this room for her daughter - wallpaper is actually  a hand painted wall

Love the wallpaper, and some pink Moroccan poufs are definitely in order

Another Novogratz room - I would use Flavor Paper wallpaper in another pattern

A bit Preppy, but I like the rug

Jenny sent me this one and I love it

Jonathan Adler did an uber big couch bed for this little girl

These are the colors the whole family loves

I love the simple mix and warm feeling of this room

Love the idea of "adult" artwork in a kids room

I am so getting Susanna Salk's book today for more ideas

I am doing an adjoining sitting/playroom too
I want to add a disco ball - The whole house has recessed lighting and no ceiling hook-ups for chandeliers - I think a disco ball will add fun and ceiling interest in a very easy way - I prefer the gold disco ball
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  1. lucky little girl...your challenge valorie...should you choose to accept it, is to make this little girl a frilly girly canopy and keep it modern. everyone will be happy.

  2. What a gorgeous website! I just stumbled on it today - and great timing too, as I'm thinking of ways to decorate the new flat that I'll have when I return to Paris in January!



  3. Love love love your ideas! So many wonderful options...You can do it!


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