Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Million Dollar Decorators Season 2 - Live, Love, And Decorate!

They are back!  And once again so entertaining. Martyn name drops and stresses out over a 3000 lb. dining table, and getting stiffed for ten grand by a fireplace guy. Mary McDonald suffers spoiled rich absent minded clients. JAM and Ross got drunk in the wine cellar. Kathryn took Jacqueline on a overnight girls trip wine tasting. Are you watching?

Go to Bravo to get all the clips and photos.

Only Martyn Bullard could hang black patent leather drapes in a 30 million dollar apartment - The client loved her new dining room and quipped that it "Looks a little Scarface" (Scarface chic?). The chevron rug is pieced cowhide and the custom marble table weighs 3000 lbs. and had to be hoisted up five floors with a crane - no furniture rearranging in this room!

Mary McDonald turned a guest house into a bland hotel suite - She seemed unhappy working with neutral colors, a forgetful client, and the client's dog Monty who had a say in the choices

Martyn did a kids room too - Somehow a loft bed just doesn't do it for me

"All in all the volume has been turned way up this season. The design is hot, the dollars are in the millions, the clients are bigger than life, the decorators are crazy, and the results are super glam glam!
Enjoy and remember always -- 'live, love, and decorate'!"

"Live, love, and decorate!"

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  1. I missed it last night but CANNOT WAIT to catch up later! Thanks for the preview. This show is endlessly entertaining.

  2. I love the show and the entertainment value but I never think the taste level is there for Martyn's projects - certainly not for millions of dollars. Some of the things he puts in projects look like they are from Z Gallerie (nothing wrong with that but not worth millions...)Still a great look at how even million dollar designers have to argue, cajole, and convince people to do things and eat the cost on their mistakes!
    xoxo -e (

  3. I was looking forward to the new season and it did not disappoint me one bit. It is pure fun.

  4. Can you see who's lurking behind you if you look in the patent leather curtains???


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