Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Did It

So happy. Best quote from Facebook:
"vaginas everywhere have been saved. i have faith in my country again. and i didn't have to stay up until midnight to know it. best election day ever." Cassandra La Valle

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  1. Right on, here is to the next four years of progress! We can do it better.....

  2. Oh, Valorie, you are stirring it up, aren't you? Thatta girl! :) Thanks so much for your comment yesterday. It made me feel far less alone. We ex-New Yorkers in the South need to start a support group! xo

  3. Jefferson said it best, in a democracy 50+1 is a majority, and it would truly be antiAmerican to cheer for those who tamper with the sanctity of the ballot and work hard to institutionalized voter supression.
    The power of the common people prevailed against the corporate and a handful multimillionaires waste of money to buy the election.
    For that, we all must proud to be Americans and work together to eradicate hate that divides, and promote love that unites.
    Dance more tango because the embrace heals.

  4. I'm proud of that 18% gender gap of women voting with their heads. I suspect the rate would have been higher if more could have escaped from Mitt's binder full of women. As a liberal woman in a red state, some days are very difficult. Fortunately for election day, it was joy!

  5. I woke with a few nightmares in the weeks preceding Nov 6. Primarily of the 12th Century...and the 1950's. Nov 7: I realized I was breathing fully again! Long time reader & admirer.


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