Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Know What To Do

My naivete would like to see these changes -

  • Eight year term for the presidency, no re-election. Four years doesn't seem like enough time to get the job done, and after four years so much time (theirs and ours) and money are wasted for a campaign. 
  • Equal representation in Congress and the Senate, with each state and district getting one Republican, one Democrat, and one Independent senator/congressperson. Again eight year term limit, no re-election.
  • Lobbyists and lobbying abolished. Anyone running for office will be disqualified if it is found that any kind of lobbying (now illegal) is evident in their campaign. Any elected official will  have their time in office terminated if they accept any influence of lobbying (now illegal).
  • Only the six weeks before the election dedicated to campaigning, and a strict budget stated of the same dollar amount for all candidates, no exceptions or loop holes. Anyone exceeding the limit will be disqualified.
  • Voter registration made easier, and voting made easier. The Federal government might set the same fair policy for every state, so the things the current governor in Florida is doing would not be possible (cutting days and hours from early voting so long lines of four to six hours occur; screwing up absentee ballots; proposing voter registration changes that target certain segments of the population with fear tactics...). 
  • Voting rights of felons revisited. Plenty of convicted people do their time, are rehabilitated, and strive for lives as better citizens. Stripping voting rights for life does not encourage positive participation in society again.
  • The Electoral College? Yes or no? 

Polite, civil, and short comments only. No politicking or mentioning of candidates or parties. This blog is not Facebook. Thank you. We are all frustrated and hopeful.

And everyone, women and men, please vote today if you have not already done so by early voting or absentee ballot.

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  1. I knew I like you for so many reasons but today I really do! I am thinking one, 6-year term. I think eight years is too long, four too short.
    We'll see what today brings but we need to come together as a country. Whoever wins will need our support.

  2. The right to vote is a choice and no matter one's affiliation, we all need to do our part to create a world that finds peace. We all need to get involved, to be heard and to get out and VOTE!
    We have our internet and phone back and power too. I am so thankful for every little thing and this year voting felt different to me after witnessing such destruction of Storm Sandy.

  3. Great ideas, Valerie. I am so stealing this great photo!

  4. Glad to see you posted this. I agree with all your points, as usual. Regarding Popular vote VS electoral college - if you ask me to vote, shouldn't my vote count towards who is elected? I feel like the electoral college throws away my vote. So, I'm for popular vote. Speaking of which, I'll be voting this evening.

  5. I agree with almost everything except maybe a 6 year term for President. As Mari said - 4 is too short, 8 could be way too long. I think the President should elected by the majority of the people so popular vote definitely. I've never agreed with the electoral college system. Great post!

  6. Now this is a campaign I could really support !!! Have a wonderful day.

  7. I support your ideas except the one about Congress. I think the Congressional structure addresses both population and equality with the Senate/House as it is.


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