Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mary McDonald Revamps Her Home

It was the season finale of Million Dollar Decorator last night. Martyn finished his sister's pub in England, Kathryn finished Lindsay Lohan's house, and Mary McDonald finished the revamp of her home.

Mary McDonald revamps her own house - white walls and green accents in the living room

The back story for Mary is that she ended a relationship and moved back into her old house which she decorated a couple of years ago. Feeling like she needed a fresh start she wanted to redo her house. Take the video tour with Mary HERE.

Blue and white Chinese jars under a console table - Mary added a one inch thick upholstered top

We saw a softer side of Mary. She struggled to come to grips with her situation and that manifested itself into a struggle of trying to decide what to do with her home.

Mary is loving green

Notice the Clarence House tiger velvet pillow

Here's the Clarence House tiger velvet on a pair of chars - rich people and fancy designers love this fabric

Mary's Nana Chic desk

Details on Mary McDonald's desk at home

You think it's easy when you can have any and everything to choose from, but it's not.  Mary made a few costly mistakes such as a gray stenciled floor in her bedroom that she ended up covering with wall-to-wall carpet.

Mary's new bedroom - Soft and feminine

Nana Chic

Gracie Wallpapers

Chinoiserie detail of the bed

I only have crappy screen shots from a video of Mary's BRAVO house tour, but I know you can see beyond that.  She's on a green kick, and doing lady like trad rooms. Her gay husband Nathan calls it "Nana Chic".

Mary redid her kitchen with Quadrille wallpaper and fabric - I can't tell which pattern it is - Can you?

She kept her black and white painted floors from the original interior design - She quipped that only she would put velvet chairs in the kitchen - It looks like the ones the living room

Later I'll do a little shopping post of Mary inspired affordable things to get the look...

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  1. Thanks for the tour. I have really enjoyed Million Dollar Decorator's this season. I'm looking forward to your shopping tips for Mary's look. I really love Mary's style!

  2. The kitchen. love. Why oh why did I miss this series?!?! Janell

  3. Green seems the perfect Feng Shui green represents fresh energy and new beginnings.

  4. I love your recaps of each episode - I'm only watching via Amazon Prime, and there's always a lag. I love this show so much, I'm happy to read the review BEFORE I see it. :) Just love what she did with all the green - of course I do! - and if Nana Chic is what this is called, than I am all for it. Also, it sounds better than Granny Glam. :)

  5. How I miss this series. I'm not overwhelmed with her home and I don't have a great reason why; it just doesn't grab me other than I love green. I'm not a huge fan of the tiger print but perhaps that is because I'm not rich!?! Favourite room hands-down is her kitchen. It's calling you to sit down with a cup of tea & a chat with Auntie M!


  6. Loved all the greens in her home and am glad to see "pretty" decorating again. I really like this updated traditional style with lots of color.

  7. Oooooh, I love the shade of green of the kitchen chair! Like gme, I'm glad to see the return of pretty decorating.

  8. That bedroom is gorgeous! I love the femininity and luxe touches of chinoiserie!

  9. The pattern in the kitchen is Island Ikat by China Seas

  10. via FB from Katie

    Love everything about the colors and materials. Only comment is I would feel like I could not get comfortable on the chaise thinking I might accidentally lean against the painting behind it! It also needs a little table to put your drink on closer to it. But hey....she did it in like a day....and it looks this good! I LOVE IT!

  11. via FB from Phil

    love, Love, LOVE it!!

  12. via FB from Renae

    I'm not crazy about this space but LOVE her office. This space needs a rug!

  13. I saw the episode and studied your photos and think there was too much furniture in the rooms. They looked okay, but they didn't seem to flow very well. I guess that doesn't matter in a bedroom so much, but her guests just didn't seem that comfy in the living room. But, hey, what do I know????? She's laughing all the way to the bank!

  14. I really love the bedroom but I have her book and will always love the first incarnation of that bedroom, the one with the four poster bed, grey walls and white trimmings. After that, the first time she moved out and converted it into a guest house she changed that bedroom scheme to navy blue and white which I was less keen on.

    I have LOVED Million Dollar Decorators, so much so that I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the final episode of this season because I don't want it to end so your blog is the first place I've seen the finished result.

    Thanks for these MDD posts.

  15. Beautiful, green is just calm but strong... A bit of Tory B kinda feel here... Her NYC apartment is same vibrant colours ... Gorgeous. Z


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