Monday, January 14, 2013

How To Use Emerald Green - The Table

Okay, so every year we get the word about the color of the year. No one is going to change their entire home decor or wardrobe to accommodate this pronouncement. But if we like the color we might decide to add a little of it into our lives.

The dining room table is set with Emerald Green - The "tablecloth" is white cow hide

For me the table setting is the easiest. You can add a charger, or a napkin, or some glassware in the color of the year and be done with it.

Green charger,  antique Limoges plate on top of that, and a vintage plate on top of that with a Carnival motif

Green is a color used in New Orleans in conjunction with Carnival season and Mardi Gras, so I set the table for a Carnival lunch.

The grape napkin ring calls to mind Bacchus, an important entity during Carnival

I had just about everything in the cupboards. I just added the green charger that I got on an after Christmas sale for only 49 cents each. I doubt they will last, but they should be good while Emerald is the color of the year.

I added ribbon streamers to the in line chandelier

Purple, green and gold ribbons

I also bought a set of wine glasses from Overstock. I love the pretty gold floral motif.

I mixed glasses with gold embellishment - The wine glasses are from Overstock, the champagne coupe is vintage, and so is the rocks glass that I use as a water glass - It has a gold medallion embossed on it that says "Rex", which is another Carnival reference - The small vintage plates each have a different Carnival figure on them - Moroccan tea glasses are used for candles - A simple white linen napkin looks clean

My table is set for Carnival, but if I edited a few things, it would be perfectly fine for any occasion where Emerald Green might be featured.

Using Emerald Green for a table setting

How would you use the color of the year on your table?

Emerald Green the New Orleans way

I am starting the new year off over at Susan's Between Naps On The Porch to join in on the 228th (!) Tablescape Thursday. Go check out all the wonderful tablescapes and join the party.

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  1. I think this is a great way to embrace Emerald in your decor for the year. Myself? I don't think it will make an appearance at my house except maybe for St. Patrick's Day.

  2. I am totally lovin' those little green glasses. Please share where you bought them. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jannette,
      I got them at a great shop in New Orleans called Discoveries.
      I bet if you called them they would ship them to you. They were very reasonably priced too.
      xo xo

  3. I am loving the emerald green color - it seems like a beacon to Spring and Growth, so a great choice for 2013!

    Love your table setting!! The ribbon streamers hanging from the chandelier are a great touch. I usually hang our collection of silver sleigh bells from ribbon from ours during the holidays, but haven't done it for another holiday. This is giving me some ideas for Valentine's and Easter!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. What a CLASSY TABLE!! I'm ready to partee'!!! franki

  5. I love this Valorie! I like adding splashes of the green, love the lasses you got from Overstock!

  6. Oh, I love this table, and the little plates with the second line dancers are SO PERFECT for a Mardi Gras table! The emerald chargers were an amazing bargain -- wow!

  7. This looks great Valorie! I am now kicking myself for not buying those green chargers at Walmart when they were 49 cents!!! lol Thanks for sharing the "color of the year" in such a great fashion! =)

  8. Wow. What a fun dinner party! Beautiful. Love the Limoges dishes!