Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Which One Are You?

Whenever there's an ensemble cast that catches our interest, the game is played: Which one are you? From Jane Austen (which Bennet sister are you?) to Sex and the City (were you Carrie? Samantha? Charlotte? Miranda?), it's a fun discussion among friends.

Which Bennet sister are you?

I was watching Million Dollar Decorators last night. Martyn is in England helping his sister renovate a smelly decrepit pub. Kathryn is doing Lindsay Lohan's house (to be continued for the finale next week). Mary was not on screen this week, nor was Nathan, who seems mainly MIA this season, except for being Mary's gay husband.

Jeffrey Allen Marks and Ross furnished a client's home using West Elm

JAM and Ross re-did a Nantucket beach house on a budget. The renovation cost just $300K and JAM had to catalog shop as per the clients request, to save time and money. He was so cute shopping at West Elm.

Earth Mama Kathryn shopping low

Along that line, there is a story of the MDD shopping at KMart and Marshalls in the LA Times. For some reason this is very amusing to some folks, like ha ha can these high toned decorators shop like you and me and still do great rooms. Duh. Of course they can.

"They shop, they drink, they dine, they kvetch. They turn otherwise ordinary rooms into polished interiors, and then ... they go shopping again. They are the stars of Million Dollar Decorators” - from the LA Times

Anyhoo, I was thinking about which of the MDDs do I identify most with. I love them all for different reasons. Martyn Lawrence Bullard is glam glam and lovable and his rooms have the global factor pushed to luxury.

I Heart Martyn

 Mary McDonald is the vulnerable cool girl who does Hollywood Regency better than anyone.

Mary McDonald - cool girl

Kathryn Ireland is the salty sensual earth mother who does cozy Euro layered rooms that I would love to live in.

Kathryn Ireland in her bed - Lindsay Lohan wants her bed

JAM and Ross are the elegant gay couple with great conservative taste.

JAM & Ross - Gay, elegant, fun, talented - They do stylish conservative rooms

Nathan is sweet and does uber Domino/Lonny style rooms that every blogger bookmarks.

Nathan - Mary's Stanford - Every girl needs one

Stanford and Carrie - Which one are you?

Who do you think I would be? Who would you choose to play? Mary? Martyn? Nathan? JAM? Ross? Kathryn?

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  1. Love Million Dollar Decorator!! I would like to think I'm a Mary McDonald but I have more control freak qualities of JAM. They don't have Nathan in the opening for the show, I think he's been relegated to accessory status:)
    Carrie Waller

  2. I love this show! I don't know who I would be but I would love to have Martyn come decorate my home. He just seems to make everything look so decadent..... Then I would like to have Ross come to visit just so I could look at him for a while. What a pretty boy!

  3. via Twitter from Martyn!

    Thank u. What a fun post ! Xo. Rt“@VisualVamp: @MartynBullard Love you Martyn!…”
    04:38 PM - 02 Jan 13

  4. via FB from Sabina

    I love to watch Kathryn, I like Mary's style and palette, and I steal from Martyn.

  5. via FB from Jenny

    i'd say a touch of kathryn and smidge of jeffrey mixed with prison bleakness.

  6. via FB from Jenny (again)
    oh yeah...nathan. throw him in there and remove jeffrey completely - but put ross's hair in there.

  7. via FB from Brian Patrick

    Hmmm. Probably Mary in relation to color and graphic, but Jeffrey in relation to overall aesthetic and use of tailoring. What's your answer?

  8. I watched the show last night and really enjoyed it, but I have to wonder......Does anyone really talk like Martin? My British friends don't sound like him. I would love for Kathryn to be my decorator with JAM a close second. His Nantucket final product was perfection. He would have to do my house by shopping the catalogs, though. I don't have a custom budget.

  9. I think my style is more Mary, but I'm also obsessed with Martin and his glamorous lifestyle!

  10. I would be a mixture. I love Kathryn, Mary and Jeffrey's aesthetics even though they are all quite different from each other. Nathan we haven't seen enough of this Season, please bring him back. I have soured on Martyn, he seems to have become quite smug and arrogant this season and I think his decorating jobs sometimes border on the tacky and garish (although his own home is beyond beautiful and magical). I think JAM likened Martyn's showhouse bedroom of last week to Liberace style and I had to sniggeringly agree. Martyn, go back to being the doll you were last season and stop being someone I want to smack.

    I think Mary has great personal style, I have no interest in fashion but am always interested to see what she wears.

  11. I really don't care for much of what JAM and Ross have done, but I LOVE Mary, Kathryn, and Martyn. I think that the one I'd most like to go shopping with would be Mary. I love her rooms, clothes, everything.


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