Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nanjing Toile Headboard

The master bedroom has been refreshed. The walls are painted, some furniture moved, and a couple of new accessories added.

The former headboard was comprised of two ends of an antique daybed mounted on the wall. The update is a padded headboard, purchased HERE. It is a basic white duck headboard, that got recovered in Schumacher Nanjing in a color called jade, but actually looks more emerald green.

This inexpensive headboard comes in three sections

We traced the shape of the headboard on some paper. A rubbing was made using a pencil to get the impression of the mounting hardware. Then we taped the paper headboard on the wall and used a nail to mark where the holes had to be made for the screws to hold the headboard to the wall.

Paper template of the headboard was used to mark where the mounting screws would go

In no time at all, and with a little fiddling around, the new headboard was up on the wall.

The new headboard mounted on the wall - The fabric is Schumacher Nanjing Toile - Leonels did the upholstery job

I think it turned out great!  It's all a part of my green thing that I wrote about HERE

The new headboard with the bed made up with Dwell Studio Hedgerow

Te Nanjing toile is beautiful, but it is a challenge coordinating bed linens. I cannot afford to do the whole matchy-matchy thing using more Nanjing for a coverlet. So I looked at what I had, and rotated the guest bedroom bedding, the beautiful Dwell Studio Hedgerow print shams and duvet. The persimmon color plays off the emerald green really well. And the print looks like like a larger more expanded modern toile. I'll move the other Dwell Studio bedding I used in the master bedroom (Peacock in citrine) into the guest room.

Designer Sara Richardson boasts that she usually uses no less than a dozen different prints in a room, so I thought the trick is to mix in several prints with the toile. I would love  to add the Dwell Studio Draper Stripe sheets in the new color they have called Poppy.

Dwell Studio Draper sheets in Poppy - Don't you think they'd look great with the Nanjing toile?!

Would you like to see the rest of the bedroom???? Stay tuned.

This is how the bedroom looked before - note the headboard and the Dwell Studio Peacock bedding that has been changed for Dwell Studio Hedgerow -  this photo by Sara Essex Bradley - all others (except Dwell Draper Stripe) by Valorie Hart

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  1. Love the new headboard.... fantastic colour... xv

  2. It looks fantastic. Love all the pattern.

  3. Wow- Looking forward to the rest of the room reveal! What a great idea a sectioned headboard.

  4. Love love love the new headboard and YES you need the striped sheets if you can have them! I love the pieces you have already mixed, though, and who needs to match fabrics anyway? The mix you have is just lovely! xo

  5. It really REALLY looks great. I really admire how you constantly change everything. I want to change my whole apartment, but I don't have the energy!

  6. Love the new headboard and how you mix things up. It's going to be fabulous!

  7. The headboard is brilliant! Especially with the mix of prints.

  8. Val, First off-- Have a great Thanksgiving.
    Wonderful post, I think the gold Peacock comforter is my choice..


  9. OOH, BEAUTIFUL! dying to now if the curtains stayed? blue and green - i love it! hate to say it - but the room was beautiful before too. that picture is sooo pretty - so im all excited to see it look even prettier!