Monday, August 6, 2012

Architectural Digest Features A Fabulous New Orleans Home

Another stellar issue of Architectural Digest just came out (September 2012). Fresh, exciting, luxe, and inspiring editorials fill page after page.

But the one that really thrilled me is a feature on the New Orleans home of Sidney Torres IV, with the interior decoration by architect Lee Ledbetter. 

While the article describes the home of Sidney Torres as having a black and white color scheme, you can see by this photo that a deep brown is the dominant color in the living room - I love the keyhole mirror, the custom sofa designed by Lee Ledbetter, and all the accents and accessories strike the perfect balance in the mix of new and old

New Orleans has so many talented architects and designers and decorators, and I always love when they are showcased in a national publication.

Sidney Torres is a very handsome and savvy man about town, who made garbage collection and street cleaning glam. After Katrina he sent out an army of chic black garbage and street cleaning trucks, with his guys wearing equally chic tight black T-shirts, to clean up the post Katrina mess. He and his company and guys became folk heroes as they washed away our Katrina gloom. Go to his web site and read his fascinating story.

Sidney Torres IV - The glam garbage man!

The article in Architectural Digest by Mimi Reed is very entertaining, and informative, and the photos of of Sidney's home by Pieter Estersohn are gorgeous. Howard Christian produced the article. Lee Ledbetter's design is flawless, combing old an new in a fresh and exciting way.

The dining room - 1930's Jansen chairs, custom made table, art work by Robert Gordy, the bronze lantern by Herve Van der Straeten  - Walls are painted Benjamin Moore Cloud White - photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

The den - I love the striae gray walls, the gilt mirror, the built in banquettes designed by Ledbetter, and of course the 1960's Murano chandelier and the Yasumasa Morrimura print  - This is a perfectly mixed cocktail of a room!

This guest bedroom adjoins the den, so the same decor scheme continues - How fab to find two matching 1960's Murano chandeliers! The symmetry of the two rooms is sublime!

This is the Master Suite - White. elegant, sexy, and exciting - Again the symmetry is flawless - two fireplaces, two gilt mirrors, two fabulous matching chandeliers

The kitchen and the library - Note the Beni rug in the library, and another banquette - I am dying to use banquettes in a project - photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

The exterior of the home in the Fauborg Marigny neighborhood in New Orleans - A perfect example of a Swamp Palazzo!

Pick up the current issue of Architectural Digest. There are killer features on Michael Smith, Steven Grambel, Atelier AM, Lococo and Carter, and Jamie Drake. There's also a great AD shopping section, and a feature about the 2012 AD Innovators. I am proud to say the web based design site Houzz was named!

Architectural Digest September 2012 issue is timelessly great! Get it today!

Another eye candy and gratuitous photo of Sidney Torres IV - Sorry girls, he just got engaged - Congratulations to Sidney and Jennifer Savoie - You have to love a guy who is getting married to a girl his mother introduced him to - Mama met the bride-to be at the hair salon and thought she would be perfect for her son

Jennifer Savoie and Sidney Torres IV on the balcony of their beautiful swamp palazzo

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  1. Love reading your blog and all that you share. :)

  2. The couch in the first photo is the most gorgeous! But the banquette in the library is excellent also!

  3. Oh my, if this is an example of what's in store for September, I can hardly wait for AD to hit the newsstands! Simply gorgeous. And the house isn't bad either. Tee-hee!

  4. Holy Yum is an understatement. Isn't he wonderful.

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  6. Valorie,
    Thanks for featuring our project, and for all your kind comments.
    I'll make sure that Sydney and Jen see it.
    You've got a great site!
    Lee Ledbetter

  7. Hi Lee,
    I have been a fan of your work for some time.
    It is so great that you got national exposure for yourself and for New Orleans.
    xo xo