Thursday, March 9, 2017

Orange Drapes

Orange is a color that remains popular for drapes. Here in New Orleans silk taffeta, or silk drapes still rule the day. Not everyone has the budget, and I have been using a faux silk drapes found at Overstock, Half-Price Drapes, and through Houzz. Right now Houzz is having a great sale on these drapes.

The trick is to have custom rods and rings made. I use Shading Places, (985) 373-4134, ask for Jennifer. My rod of choice is  return to the wall.

Here's the link to Houzz sale. 
And the link to Overstock.
Also the link to Half Price Drapes.

Usually when a sale like this is so widespread the merchandise is about to be discontinued. So get them now!

The high end drapes in the second picture were made by Perch. Shading Places also does beautiful high end drapes, and is part of my team. The "low" end drapes in first photo are from Overstock and are also sold via Houzz.

Faux silk drapes in Harvest Orange I used for a client on a budget - Interior Design by Valorie Hart

High end drapes in apricot silk I had custom made for a client - Interior Design by Valorie Hart


  1. Sorry - this has nothing to do with orange drapes... I was just reading an article in the New York Times that had a link to a wedding and you were the florist!
    Small world! So happy you are blogging again! Susan Sobol

  2. I used to rather dislike orange until I took a "Principles of Design" course in collage (as a pre-requisite to all other art classes) and mixed my own orange paint. I was spellbound as I watched the color coalesce, and I've liked orange ever since. I wouldn't be able to live with much of it here, unless I had a huge house where I could indulge all color whims, but Orange looks yummy in New Orleans! Do you think the bright, clear, true orange looks best in certain regions/climates? I don't see it around here much (think central to northern CA coastal area). You once lived in the SF area, right? So you know the atmosphere I'm talking about. -Carey