Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love This Desk As Seen In French Elle Decor

I have a great house guest. It's the movie decorator Helen Britten in town working on a new James Franco movie, with Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Part of her hunt and peck and find and get inspired process involves getting a stack of international interior design magazines, so I am having a ball flipping through them.

The latest issue on newsstands here in New Orleans of Elle Decoration France is the Winter issue

I have a client who asked me to create a desk for her using some heavy duty classical sculpture bases. Of course we don't have thousands of dollars to work with here. So I found some great pedestals from Ancient Sculpture Galley that will work perfectly.

The client talked about a glass top. But I think when I show her this desk in French Elle Decoration, she might go for a white top, which could be a remnant of white marble used for counter tops. A quick coat of white paint on the pedestals will complete the look.

Love this desk as seen in Elle Decoration France

The  beautiful desk belongs to Marie Victoire Poliakoff

Griffin pedestal from Ancient Sculpture Gallery - 30" tall 149. for one

Griffin pedestal from Ancient Sculpture Gallery - 32" tall - 159. for one

This one for 299. is meant to be used as a table base centered - Or use two as shown in the inspiration photo

This is NOT the look to go for!

But you can transform the elements into this!
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  1. Can't WAIT to see your finished product! It is gonna be so fun!!!

  2. The table looks so unique and lovely!

  3. Omigosh, that's stunning! Can't wait to find out if your client bites!


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