Friday, January 14, 2011

Multiple Mirrors Round Up

Visual Vamp paints a collection of mirrors white

I recently painted my collection of mirrors all white, and hung them in grouping. I think it looks kind of fresh.

I have managed to collect quite a few mirrors over the years.

I like grouping them together.

Groups of mirrors can work in any room.

I guess for me, more is more.

The most classic grouping starts with two.

But then you can go on from there.

You can group all the same kind and size, or you can mix up a zillion different sizes together.

It can be tricky, and you might have to play around until the grouping feels right.

If the mirrors have frames you could paint them all one color.

Using the same shape works pretty well, but I prefer the mix.

Large leaning mirrors standing against the wall had their heyday.

Got any mirrors you might want to group together? Or have you already done it? How's it working for you?


  1. Mirror madness! I love it. Over the top and lovely all at once.


  2. I had a friend who collected old medicine chest mirrors. She used them all over the walls in a guest bathroom in her house. It was an interesting display and made the bathroom look light-filled and huge!

    You have some great examples here--it wouldn't work in my current house but I'll keep these ideas in the back of my mind.

  3. I love it! I need to do this in my front hall, I'm hoping it will give the darkness some reflective light...

  4. i have done a grouping of mirrors several times.
    i love the look.

    yours look wonderful.


  5. I LOVE decorating with mirrors as long as I don't have to look at myself too often lol
    Beautiful photos!

  6. Well you KNOW how much I love mirrors! I might like to hang your top row as diamonds instead of squares! : )
    It's that weird angle obsession I have!

  7. Valorie- Don't have any mirrors grouped right now, but you are inspiring me to do so!

    Your grouping looks just fabulous against your deeply colored wall. Just lovely!


  8. I love groups of mirrors. I'd be happy with all the examples you showed in my house. I have a large collection of venetian mirrors (60 plus) wallpapering my hall bathroom. I love it very much. I'm redoing my dining room now and thinking about another group of mirrors...or is one group of mirrors in a house enough? Can't decide. And I'm not into looking at myself at all....I just like the sparkle they provide.

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  10. Love your great collection, your place always surprises with a fresh design. You are a magician....

  11. lovely, as with all you do, miz v!

  12. I love all of your mirrors! I have just discovered how much that I LOVE using them! They make small spaces feel so much bigger! I really love the chunky white frames on yours too!

  13. I've always layered mirrors. I love them, and think they make an amazing statement adding life to any area.
    I love these images, especially the bathroom with the two vanities!!!
    xxxx kim

  14. I would love to make over a huge frameless mirror that is over our couch in a condo in Florida. I love, love your mirror with multiple circles. What did you use for yours? Where can I find them to add to my mirror?

  15. I often found multiple windows to be a bit scary, but this just got me converted. I am officially in love with multiple and grouped mirrors. I would love to try out some designs you’ve posted in my own home and see what the results are. Thank you for this!