Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Do You Think Of Steampunk Decor?

Do you know what steampunk is?

Steampunk is a lifestyle that emulates the Victorian industrial age. People who are into it dress in elaborate costumes that are a mix of Victorian and rock and roll and science fiction. There are tons of web sites dedicated to steampunk, including shopping sights to buy clothing and fashion accessories.

This is a high end bathroom was by interior designer Andre Rothblatt as seen on Houzz

Steam power is an important motif in steampunk, and elaborate pieces are created that look like Victorian stream engine machines. Steampunk is filtering down into home decor. Industrial finishes, gears. pipes, and a certain romanticism are the basics.

Gears. rivets, and industrial metal finishes are key in steampunk decor

If you saw Martin Scorsese's magical movie "Hugo" you saw some gorgeous steampunk style sets.

Martin Scorsese's magical  "Hugo" 

This charming kitchen features elements of steampunk by referencing Victoria decor

This is a kitchen in New York City that is full out steampunk

This refined music room uses a few key steampunk elements via the lighting fixtures, the steel case windows, and the metal cage railing in the loft

This game room has the feeling of a Victorian gentleman's man cave - the map is framed in industrial metal fragments

Restoration Hardware does a version of steampunk

Elements of steampunk have gone mainstream. Industrial style furnishings are a part of the design vocabulary universally. You can find steampunk worthy items at all price points, from high to low.

High end Aviator collection from Restoration Hardware

You can make any room with a beige couch steampunk by adding industrial accents

So what do you think of steampunk? Love? Hate? Yes? No? Would you? Do you?

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  1. If I were 30 years younger and starting out with a new apartment, I would love this style. I prefer it over the trendy "distressed" look that is so popular right now. These are some great rooms!

  2. I have to be honest, I love it in photo shoots but I wouldn't want to live with it. Its not for me, but I do appreciate the artistic value to it.

  3. Thanks Valorie, I never really understood what steam punk was until this post. I agree with Gerry, if I was younger and not someone's mom then I would probably experiment with it. I am so enjoying your book! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. What I like about steam punk is that it transcends time and is a bit eclectic! I can see one doing lots of designing with it in a very fun way, especially for the dreamers in our world! We have steam punk pieces at Tuesday Morning for anyone interested. Thanks Val for a delightful blog! Linda on TWB


    I love the use of juxtaposition in design.

    Some stuff is called Steampunk and it's not--more industrial chic. Or just industrial (what makes it chic, anyway?). The "steam" part refers to Victorian era technology and the "punk" part is about rebellion, defiance, and subversion. Put together, you have a retro-futurist, oftentimes dystopic utopian worldview.

    Thanks for featuring it on your blog!

  6. I like a little steampunk, although I don't think it would be easily blended into my present decor, which is post flood. but I do appreciate the gears bit.

  7. I am working with a couple to bring steampunk elements to the home they bought last year. They found a house where the last homeowners had put in very wide plank wood floors and they are wonderfully worn out. The last owner was country style but we are taking the wood floors and exposed brick in the kitchen and turning it steampunk. We are actually combining the victorian influence with, industrial as well as some more modern pieces so it won't be a strict interpretation of the style but it will be flexible should their tastes change over time.