Thursday, December 26, 2013

What Do You Think Of Radiant Orchid?

By now you must know that that the color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. It's a purple pink color that one might associate with a nursery or a tween room. Could it be sophisticated enough in rooms for adults?

Orchid chairs, lampshades on the mantel, and rug pair well with green walls in this pretty trad adult room - The nuance in the stripe slipcovers make it work

I think it could. Like any strong color, if you love it you can use it liberally. If it's not your favorite, you can add a dollop or two to freshen up a room for now. After all, another color of the year will always come along.

This layered room uses shades of orchid - wallpaper, chairs, paint on ceiling, and rug

Orchid wallpaper is a great way to update the entry hall - and you could just do one wall - or you could just pop in a peony posy on your entry hall  table or chest

The bedroom is a perfect place for orchid walls and bedding

Here's the thought bubble from runway to home decor - Adding art work in hues of orchid is certainly a way to go

Paint is the easiest way to update a room - I love these bookcases painted orchid - See how it pairs well with blue

Love the orchid painted bookcases, but maybe you could just recover a couple of stools instead

This pale neutral room takes a dollop of orchid very well

Go big or go home! I tell you where to get an orchid color couch and rugs at Houzz

Throws and pillows are the easy and fast ways to add orchid

Mixing all shades of purple and pink of the same hue and value read as orchid

Adding an orchid area rug will update your room instantly

Orange pairs well with orchid - Mmmmm I have orange chairs in my living room

This month on Houzz, I chose some things you can buy in the color of the year to add to your decor. While some are a direct color match, others are a liberal interpretation in the purple-pink range.

Check out my post at Houzz for  all the great orchid things I found for you

So what do you think? Will you use it? 

You can just add an orchid plant and be done with it!

Something must have been in the air for me this past September when I colored my hair a shade very close to Radiant Orchid ha ha.

Valorie Hart with Radiant Orchid hair - photo by Kate Grace Bauer

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  1. All of the images shown are truly beautiful. I like the color. I just don't know if I can live with the color in large doses. However, dollops will do!
    Happy New Year,

  2. I love this color! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  3. My favorite will always be dark violet, but radiant orchid will do :)

  4. I don't mind it - would maybe use it in small doses

  5. I probably won't incorporate it to my home designs, but sheesh - after seeing that photo of you and your hair, I think I might need to follow suit! you look GREAT!

  6. Well, it looks good on you, but that's about all :)