Monday, June 3, 2013

Heidi Schirrmann

Want to see behind closed doors of a very pretty New Orleans home? Heidi Schirrmann is a wonderful talent and inspiration. Read all about her in the Summer 2013 issue of New Orleans and Lifestyles. 


And do call her if you want her to work her magic on your house - 504 669-5109. She gutted and renovated and furnished this 130 year old house to be move-in-ready in just five months!


Heidi mixes old and new throughout the whole house - read more in NOH&L

Bohemian luxe in the entry - Lamp and glass pelican tray from Source

The new kitchen is some of Heidi best work - read about it at NOH&L

A mix of fabulous antiques and contemporary furnishings and accessories in the home of Heidi Schirrmann

The family room has some surprising elements - read about it in NOH&L

The master bedroom is the epitome of Bohemian luxury - read more at NOH&L

The master bath is every girl's dream

Read how Heidi created the master bath at NOH&L

The daughter chose the colors for her bedroom - See who did the painting over the bed at NOH&L

The daughter's bathroom is lime green

There's a wonderful sun room at the back of the house

The sun room in the home of Heidi Schirrmann - read more at NOH&L

The exterior took a lot of thought bubbles - Read about at NOH&L

All photos by Sara Essex Bradley

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  1. Wow- I am impressed- very lovely! The kitchen is stunning and the dining room chandeliers and the family room...all of it! And I love the sophisticated color choices for the daughters room and bath- they could have turned out so wrong but instead are so right- lively and energetic- perfect for a young girl!


  2. Love this house, thanks for sharing all the great photos.

  3. Heidi's home is absolutely gorgeous! And I am shocked that she did this in less than five months!! It took us longer than that just to get the necessary permits just to START our renovation!

    The Glam Pad


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