Friday, February 3, 2012

Decorate Your House For Mardi Gras

Carnival season is in full swing here in New Orleans. You can join in the fun too, wherever you live. Just have a Mardi Gras party!

The wreath on my front door

To inspire you I give you a round up of images of houses in my neighborhood. No sooner do Christmas decorations go down, and Carnival decorations go up.

My house decked out for Mardi Gras

I did some Guest Picks at Houzz so you can shop on line. Here in New Orleans every grocery and drug store sells Mardi Gras decorations, as well as the local big box stores, and huge stores devoted entirely to Carnival merchandise.

The ever so tasteful Mardi Gras bunting on an antebellum house

Mardi Gras bunting and garland

Mardi Gras bunting and wreaths

Big Mardi Gras beads and bunting and a classic Mardi Gras flag

Mardi Gras garland on a balcony

Big Mardi Gras masks and beads on a double gallery house

Draping Mardi Gras beads in your fence is easy and eco-friendly - we use last years beads that we caught

The Beckmans drape Mardi Gras tulle on their fence

The "Benjamin Button" house is all decked out for Mardi Gras

Simple Mardi Gras garland made of giant balls

We love the big Mardi Gras masks sold in every super market

One if the big masks on my house  - There are 10!

Brian and Emily do it up for Mardi Gras - There are purple, green, and gold lights in the garland that look fab at night

Lots of folks decorate the entry and front door for Mardi Gras

Tinsel Mardi Gras garland is very popular

A shop window decked out for Mardi Gars (Judy At The Rink)

Julie Neill's front door has a Mardi Gras wreath and matching plants

One of the neighbor ladies decorating her home for Mardi Gras

Megan's house is all lit up with Mardi Gras lights

Red house with Mardi Gras bunting

Heavy hitters live here - You can tell by the Mardi Gras flags

Mardi Gras doorway

Mardi Gras green VW is perfect - I spy the masks on the door

A gorgeous Mardi Gras wreath

Mardi Gras wreath on ta front gate - no one ever steals decoration 

Mardi Gras mask inside a wreath

Another tasteful entry - love the beads on the lion
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  1. What a great it! The house on St. C that you posted with the two Rex flags and the Comus flag is the house that Rex actually stops at during the parade to toast b/c so many carnival royals live there and have owned the home for so long! Fun fact.

  2. Lovely trip down Mardi Gras way. Thank You so much for taking us along.

  3. Your post is killing me! I'm from Baton Rouge and now live in Nashville and miss this time of year terribly. Love your blog and if you have time I would appreciate it if you would check out mine.
    keep posting amazing things!

  4. I've never decorated fro mardi gras before, but this is SO cute and follower :) Stacy

  5. Hey there VV - thanks for the tip on the settee - unfortunately the "eagle has landed" and will be delivered on Monday. More on Orpheus party to come! xo - LaurelStreet

  6. Great pics! Your house looks great! I love seeing the beautiful mansions decked out! I just finished decorating our house and posted it below:

    Last year I did a post similar to yours but in the Bywater...

    It seems like people are even getting crazier with the decor this year! I'll have to make a post for this year too! Thanks for sharing - BOO

  7. Oh, I miss New Orleans! and I miss you!
    Thank you for including us in all of the fun.
    Hope all is well, Valorie!

    xo xo