Monday, March 18, 2013

Bekye Fargason Small Blessing

Bekye Fargason lives above her shop in a small jewel box of a loft like space. She is featured in the Spring issue of New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles. Go check it out.

What's the smallest space you ever lived in? How did you decorate it? Did you love it? Anyone else downsizing to a smaller space?

Enjoy some outtakes from the article. All photos by Sara Essex Bradley. Produced, styled, and written by Valorie Hart.

The living room in the open floor plan loft like space

Bekye did the faux tortoise treatment on her vintage coffee table - She also did all the finishes on the walls and on much of the furniture in her home

Bekye addesd the shutters throughout the space instead of curtains
The small chairs were once in her son's room when he was a child - She also painted all the beams with a faux finish to look like wood, and of course painted the armoire

You can really see the terrific job she did on the beams

Bekye has many gallery walls

The kitchen is compact and efficient

Love the iron garden trellis used as a pot rack

She has so many interesting collections of smalls

Bekye did the silver  and gold leaf on this chest

Let's peek into the one bedroom right off of the main living space

I love the vintage suitcases used for storage

Bekye did the silver leaf on this chair in the corner of her bedroom - The gallery wall holds family photos

Detail of a nightstand Bekye did the finish on

Detail of objects on her dresser that belonged to her grandmother

Bekye in her studio below her living quarters

She is having an opening at her studio on Wednesday night - if you are in New Orleans please stop by

And do check out the story and whole issue of  New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles

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  1. Love that silver gilt chest! What a cute apartment - proof that you don't need a lot of space to have some style.

  2. I am so stealing that trellis/pot rack idea

  3. I love the lavender lamp on her bedside table!

  4. You are SO VERY talented! I Love your site...thank you!