Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do You Really Think Designers Personally Have Nice Homes?

Do designers and decorators themselves live in nice homes? Do they decorate and design for themselves, or live spartan lives in hovels, garrets, and plain boxes? For the most part I think they live well. Often they use their own homes as a way to try out ideas that might possibly be translated into a future project for a client.

Brazilian architect and designer Sig Bergamin crafted a vibrant living room in the São Paulo home he shares with architect Murilo Lomas.

Architecteural Digest has a nice online feature showing 27 designers homes. I chose a few of my favorites. Go on over to AD and choose yours.

 Jacques Grange’s Paris apartment

Design team Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen revamped their  flat near London’s Victoria station - They are influenced by the apartment Billy Baldwin did for Cole Porter

A  modern Los Angeles getaway is the home of architect and designer Daniel Romualdez

Architect Jorge Elias filled his 17,000-square-foot home in the Jardim Europa neighborhood of São Paulo with extraordinary antiques and images.

This  is the petite pied-à-terre on Paris’s rue Jacob, of interior designer Juan Montoya

Russian architect Dmitry Velikovsky created a refined yet exotic look for his Moscow penthouse

 Inside a glass tower overlooking the Manhattan skyline, Todd Alexander Romano created a high-impact design for his 600-square-foot studio

Decorator Suzanne Kasler  recently renovated her Regency-style house

Axel Vervoordt and his wife, May, share a graceful apartment in a 15th-century palazzo on Venice’s Grand Canal

The living room of Nate Berkus’s duplex in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village - This has evolved since it was on the cover of Elle Decor a few years ago

What do my favorites say about me? What do yours say about you?

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  1. Many do....especially the ones married to investment bankers and hotel moguls

  2. I love Pamela Pierce's own home. Also love Jeffrey Alan Marks' home.

  3. I found it most interesting that the vast majority of your choices were designed by men. Was the full AD selection this skewed or were these simply the ones to which you were drawn?

  4. via FB

    I think they have a miz of leftovers from past projects..eclectic arabesque look...


  5. via FB

    In your case yes!


  6. via FB

    In this case, no!


  7. via FB

    Some do.... : ))) Hey, you are on Humble and Haute! This is fab!!!


  8. Oooh, i'd go with Nate Berkus's place. Amazing.

  9. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!