Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Colin Cowie Easy Peasy Table Settings

Maybe some of you are throwing a dinner party or two for the holidays. I love to set the table, and create different table settings.

Colin Cowie was on the Today Show this morning and did three nice tables with tons of easy-peasy ideas. I like Colin, because he keeps it clean, interesting, and pretty, and he uses things we all have access to.

Colin uses the 2013 color of the year Emerald for this table - The trick with all his table ideas is to have a predominant color theme - You can spray paint wooden chargers (I also saw a Christmas green one at Wal Mart for 98 cents!), and he layered a plate from cb2 on top of the charger, and he uses simple supermarket Mums - The green glasses are nice, but if you don't have any, regular clear glasses will do

I love the centerpiece, a  topiary of macaroons - Colin made it using a Styrofoam cone and store bought macaroons

He shows us how to make the topiary, by just putting a toothpick in each macaroon and then poking it into the Styrofoams cone - He added large pearl head pins in between each cookie

Colin loves to use fruit or vegetables for place cards - He also used mirror tiles from Ikea as a base for the whole design

Another table he did has a woodland theme - He found this funky fabric to use as a tablecloth, but a white tablecloth would work too - white is the predominant color - You could find small white trees and white candles and holders anywhere, and who doesn't have white plates and white napkins

He cut slabs of tree trunks for chargers - that is not so easy ha ha, so any wooden charger would work - He wrapped votive candles holders with birch bark which I know you can get in the wholesale flower market in New York - You could also use sheet moss and tie it around a glass votive holder with raffia - Again, fruit is used, this time a pear for a place card

The red table is classic - Colin cut two runners out of plaid fabric and laid them in a cross pattern to make four place settings - He added plaid napkins on white square plates (these plates are everywhere -  I've seen them at Wal Mart ) - Red pillar candles at different heights is easy enough to do - The red rose flower ball might be tricky, but you can use supermarket roses, and you could just do a very full tip to tip (cut off all the leaves) arrangement in a simple container

Colin wrote on an apple for a place card, and he mixed a signature red cocktail, a Negroni

Hope this inspires you! You probably have all the elements around the house to set your own festive table in the manner of Colin Cowie. Watch the segment on the Today Show HERE.

And if you have any good ideas to share with us, please do tell!!!

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  1. Great ideas, Valorie! I love the birch bark wrap on the candles - woodland Christmas decor is my favorite. Have a Merry Christmas!


  2. I LOVE Colin! I'm so glad you wrote this post because I missed his segment on the Today show this morning because I had to get to work early! I love his book, Colin Cowie Chic, and wrote a post on it here - http://romance-it.blogspot.com/2012/09/tips-from-guide-to-life-as-it-should-be.html

    I also tweeted my post to Colin and he tweeted me back a very nice response, which of course, makes me love him all the more!

    Thanks Valorie!

  3. I love the macaroon tree! Although, edible decor is dangerous for the hips :)


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