Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We have all put something somewhere and then forgot where we put it. It's usually something small like keys, earrings, or loose cash. What have you misplaced and forgotten? Lately I have misplaced something big. Maybe you can help me find it.

It started a few weeks ago when I put up a new Christmas tree. I wanted to edit this year and change things up a bit. I would do just one tree, and chose to do a trad tree instead of the vintage retro aluminum tree. Surprisingly there were enough ornaments from that silver six foot tree to cover the new nine foot tall trad green tree.

All was going well until I went to get the Tiffany boxes I always put under the tree. I went to the cupboard, the high one you need a ladder for in the guest bedroom. The boxes were not there, nor was the silver tree, and a couple of silk toss pillows I tie with ribbons to look like gift boxes were gone too.

MISSING! REWARD for the return (or information about) Tiffany boxes, silver retro tree, and two silk pillows

The search was on. The shed, the garage, the attic, the junk closet, the closet under the stairs. I spent a couple of hours tearing the house apart. My heart was sinking, and my mind was racing. What did I do with these things? Give them away? Sell them? Loan them to someone for props? I emailed a few colleagues. No one had the things.

Prayers to St. Anthony started. Here in New Orleans we pray to St. Anthony when we lose or misplace something. When he guides us to it, we drop something in the poor box when we pass by church as a thank you for his blessing. Nothing from St. Anthony.

Where is this tree and boxes and matching pillows? Why it's at House of Fifty! Thank goodness there are photos by Sara Essex Bradley, since that's all I have left at the moment! Go check it out (thank you Janell)

Laying on the chiropractors table, eyes closed, listening to the New Age music he plays, I tried to clear my mind and let the answer come to me. Nothing.

At first I was upset. Then I calmed down and thought perhaps I gave the tree away. I've used it for a few Christmases, and it was getting a little shop worn so to speak. But how could I give away those Tiffany boxes that are so precious and hard to come by? And maybe I gave the pillows to someone, but who? Was it you? Or you? Or you?

So I am offering a generous reward to the person who can solve the mystery and help me find my mind. And my tree. And my pillows. And my Tiffany boxes.

Want to see more of what my edited Christmas decor looks like this year? Stay tuned...

Visual Vamp 2012 Christmas Decor

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  1. and i was THISCLOSE to seeing it in person.


  2. Oh Valorie,
    This is funny...but NOT! Gosh I wish I could help you but I have no clue.
    You are such a generous soul, you probably gave to someone that couldn't have a tree.

  3. I love love love that tree! I can't believe you decided not to do it this year. I remember you mentioning it on the blog a couple of months ago. You said you weren't going to do it...I think. But I don't think you said what you'd done with it. Is it in your garage? That is where I put things that I really don't think I'm going to use again...and then I go out there and pull them out later...and think "Why did I think I wouldn't use this again."

    I almost showed your tree on my post about aluminum trees...but Valorie will be showing it. I guess I need to do a post that it's missing...we need all of blogland looking for it.

    I'm working on my stuff. I so want it all up but my Mom is having heart problems and I already had several sick friends. Last year was just awful and I was so ready for just and upbeat Xmas this year....and we are trying. I'm not upset about my Mom...we have been going to doctors and soon will schedule surgery. I just am having a hard time getting MY stuff done while helping everyone else. Which is frustrating because I really wanted to just have some fun this year. But that is not the way life goes sometimes.

    Hope all is good with you. I'm not getting blogs read like I want to either.

  4. It must be catching, I lost the cell phone yesterday! Could the tree have been taken from the shed? Check upstairs in the attic, sometimes I think I left a box up there too!

  5. Girls!
    I have checked everywhere! GARAGE, ATTIC, SHED, CLOSETS, EVERYWHERE! It's like the stuff vaporized. I would never put the boxes in the shed or garage because of the humidity. The tree broke down into pieces and was stored in it's original narrow large box. There was also a tree stand and the two pillows. This is big stuff. It's like a Grinch came in while we were not looking and stole a little Christmas.
    Thank you all for your ideas. Pleas ask St. Anthony to tell you were my stuff is.
    Love you all a lot.
    xo xo

  6. Oh, sinking feeling...

    Did you check under your beds? And in your MB closet?

    How about the dance studio?

    My mom used to pray to St. Anthony...and some other Saints for "Lost Causes" on my behalf.


  7. Praying to St. Anthony to lead you to your stash. I'd be heart broken too. I have that exact 1955 tinsel tree and I cherish it. Perhaps yours decided to take a road trip to our storage unit in Houston for a family reunion?

    It'll come to you I know it, but perhaps in 2013.

    Hugs to you Valorie xox

  8. Good St. Anthony, Please come around. Something is lost and cannot be found.


  9. St. Jude is for lost causes. St. Joseph for help selling your house.