Friday, December 21, 2012

It's That Time

The world didn't end, though sometimes the madness we create makes it seem as if it is on the way.

Christmas seems subdued. Last year the recession seemed to propel people into pulling out the stops to cheer the atmosphere. This year the decorations in my neighborhood are not as plentiful, with many houses still dark with just a porch light on.

Here's what I did this year. I pulled back a bit and edited. I hope you enjoy it, and it  puts you in a good holiday mood for the days to come. All photos by Sara Essex Bradley (unless otherwise noted).


The overview

The tree topper is a blue bird - snap shot by Valorie Hart

Come into the living room

Audrey by Ashley Longshore gets a gilded garland

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang - snap shot by Valorie Hart

The gold gnomes, and yes I got the West Elm lacquer boxes - they're very nice - snap shot by Valorie Hart

Come into the dining room

The table is set for a holiday dinner party

Placemats from Wal Mart, polar bear ornament as party favor is Martha Stewart, plates are antique Limoges

The other side of the dining room

The little tree on the sideboard is loaded with vintage ornaments

Coconut (a white pit bull) the neighbor dog gave this ornament to Cholo - they're in love - snap shot by Valorie Hart

The Nativity vignette lives on the dining table when not in use for a dinner party

Valorie Hart Christmas - photo by Sara Essex Bradley

What about you? Did you pull out the stops this year?

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  1. Valorie your home looks so perfectly ready for Christmas. I adore it as always. I don't even have a darn tree! I wish you, Alberto, Cholo, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang a memorable Christmas and nothing but the best for 2013!

    Much love to you!

  2. Love you Deb! Merry Christmas to you and yours. xo xo

  3. Love all of it! But Cholo doesn't look happy....I think he is missing the aluminum tree. But as always all your stuff is wonderful and interesting. I bought those same placemats at Walmart. I hoped to post about them today...but these days I'm having a hard time getting things done. Don't know if you read...but my Mom is having open heart surgery. It will be on the 27th. I'm working and still caring for a sick friend and taking MOm to doctor's appointments and trying to get the house ready for her. PRetty much all Xmas has gone out the window. I want to go all out...but there just is not time. I want to go all out because I did nothing last year. Mom and I are very positive about the surgery. She has a valve that has gone bad and it will be repaired. Our heart hospital is in the top 1% of heart hospitals and she has the best surgeon. She has no other health we just need to get it done and get back to life.

    Did you see I put out the little dog container you gave me? I am putting out the bells too in the dining room and wanted to use the word DREAM but it's probably not going to happen with all that is going on. I can't get a day at home to do much of anything. Maybe next year....but seems that is what I say every year. Now I am off to go work at Pier 1.

    Merry Christmas....Dear Valorie! I cherish your friendship and love looking at the things you sent me so much!


  4. I love it all, Valorie! Looks absolutely gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you and Alberto. xo

  5. Valorie, this is your best yet! Just fabulous. So inspiring in fact it's encouraged me to tweak my decor a bit more. Merry Christmas to you and Alberto, Cholo and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. All the best the new year has to offer, especially good health. I appreciate your blog so much in this care worn world. M.

  6. Your blog changed and I lost you for awhile. But I found you again not too long ago and have been having your posts delivered to my email box. You got a cat during that time, and I love the name! Glad to see that all seems to be going well at your place, very glad to see it.

    Merry Christmas to you & Alberto.


  7. is that a blackamoor nativity set? i die!!!!!!

    your christmas house is the prettiest.

    1. Jenny they are blackamoors! Brayton Laguna pottery from the 1950's, really an ashtray and two candle holders that I trick out with teeny presents. After all The Three Wisemen were Moors...
      xo xo

  8. Your decor is always inspiring.

    My mom (crosses self) would be rolling at the sight of china on top of Walmart.

    Love it!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Love your decor! This is my first time visiting. I too did some turquoise/ aqua colors. But I don't thnk I pulled out all the stops because I'm finding that this time in my life, I'm drawn to much simpler themes in my home. Funny how our moods change from year to year.

  10. the colors and all the interesting things to look at:). Merry Christmas!

  11. Love your decorated home! We were unable to put up a tree due to the new boxer puppy our daughter brought home. (Can't trust him just yet) We had a Charlie Brown tree on top of the table with gifts underneath! Still Festive, but not as beautiful as yours! :)