Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Passing Down The Emeralds

I had many mentors and teachers over the years. I bet you have too. Something of them always remains in the interpretation of the work I do. And so it seems to go for designers and decorators.

Here's a little time capsule of a time line of interior decorators passing along what is now the "newest" thing, Emerald Green, Pantone's 2013 color of the year (are you sick of the posts and pins about it yet ha ha). Some say Pantone chose it, but actually it has been chosen by designers and decorators for years dating back to centuries-old palaces in Europe, and historic colonial iconic homes here in the USA (Mt. Vernon. Williamsburg Governors Mansion, The White House, etc).

Elizabeth Taylor wearing Emerald Green

Green, green, GREEN, whether you call it Emerald, Kelly, Lime, Poison, Sage, Avocado... has been beloved by modern designers, decorators and recently by bloggers. Here's a casual time line in pictures.

Billy Baldwin (1903-2011) did this green mid century room

Classic Emerald Green wallpaper (room attributed to Billy Baldwin by another blogger)

Albert Hadley (1920 - 2012) was a friend of Billy Baldwin who mentored the younger Hadley
The green living room of Bunny Williams who worked for Albert Hadley

Bunny Williams hired an associate named Miles Redd

Miles Redd the king of green

Miles Redd

Miles Redd

Then came Domino, especially this 2006 issue that featured Nick Olsen

Nick Olsen was the assistant of Miles Redd

His love of green evolved and was refined in this House Beautiful editorial

This little paint job by Nick Olsen cemented green into the hearts of bloggers

Nick Olsen thrives as an interior designer doing rooms like this for clients

Nicole Cohen is a friend of Nick Olsen - He once told her to paint all the doors in her apartment Emerald Green - She didn't do it, but the color resonated when she did the interior design of this apartment for a client

Brian Patrick Flynn, TV personality, interior designer, and blogger  masterfully uses green in his work

Designer Tobi Fairley helped put green on the map with her fresh take on it

The living room of Tobi Fairley - Everyone wanted those green wing back chairs

Blogger Skyla Freeman got some good mileage out of using green in her apartment

A year ago I redid my bedroom in Emerald/Kelly Green - Read more about it HERE

The color wheel goes round and round

For more images check out my Pinterest board Kelly Green Trending, and see the shopping post I did on Houzz with the same name (Kelly Green Trending).

Have you used green yet?????

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  1. You were right on trend with your bedroom redo. I can't imagine myself jumping on the emerald bandwagon. I could see orange in house before green. But I do love your bedroom for you.

  2. I love all colors of green! I've had it in every home I've ever lived in and always considered it a "neutral". Every other color in the rainbow "or colorwheel" goes with green. Just look outside at nature - all the greens blend together along with the sky,water and earth. Green rooms make even the coldest, dreariest day cheerful. Love the emerald green that you've used. Great post and Merry Christmas!

  3. Love your style! So brave and fun and refreshing...Makes me feel very very happy!

  4. Kelly green is my favorite color. I was over the dang moon when Pantone said emerald was the color this year. I am hoping to do my master bedroom in kelly green and would love to see the spring lines with this shade of green in the palette. Cannot wait to check out your shopping post on Houzz!


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