Monday, December 10, 2012


You know how it is...Rushed and still wanting to post.
Flipped through the current Lonny with my coffee, and chose a few great ideas.

Mod-Trad Christmas

The New York apartment of Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kocher - It's nice to see an article by them since they have been too busy to blog on a regular basis

V is for Vamp! At least in my mind's eye ha ha

A Union Jack ceiling!!!

A desk under a desk! Kind of genius layering

Books over a door frame - Great idea even if you live in a larger space than this nifty studio apartment

Painted parquet floor in black - LOVE it in theory, but I know it will need constant cleaning

 Working on a mo' better best for you to post in a day or two...
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  1. Oooh... I love the traditional wood desk under the glass modern desk. Very cool.

  2. I have completely stumbled across your blog and soo glad I did. I am your newest follower. I am off to looka round more.

  3. I love the look of the all green holiday decor. Though I'm secretly coveting your silver Xmas tree....

  4. We hope you and Alberto are having a wonderful holiday season.
    Eddie & Jaithan


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