Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tiffany Blue Festival Of Lights

This weekend starts Hanukkah. Over the years decorating mavens have made this holiday a stylish opportunity in their homes. The strong more trad royal blue used in Hanukkah decorations has softened to the on-trend soft Tiffany blue.

The whole room has a theme - Even the book shelves have touches of blue -  by Design Megillah

The tabletop - Mod Tiffany blue

Plastic dreidels as vase filler

The mantel is clean and simple and modern - I love the garland

It's a  DIY project made from plastic Hanukkah gelt, and it you go to Design Megillah she tells you how to do it

Happy Hanukkah y'all! 

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  1. What a gorgeous table setting. Nothing is more beautiful than blue paired with gold. There is a royal touch to it-

  2. since im the only jewish blogger, of course i love this!


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