Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walking The Walk

There's a huge hole in the master bedroom ceiling. Tropical Storm Lee left it. Actually it's almost been patched up by Alberto. It's been seven years since we painted this room. Sabina helped. It's time for a refresh. Lee made sure of it.

It's a good time to change the paint color.  It's been a pale shade of gray-blue, called Gray Verbena. It was very much to my thinking back then of doing our room in an old French style. The room evolved and got a modern mix. We have enjoyed the color, and could just repaint using it again.

But as long as we are repainting, why miss an opportunity to revamp the entire room, and change the color. For days I have been thinking about it. White was one option. Shock you? I used to live in white rooms, but as I looked at images for inspiration, I just didn't feel it. My signature greige now in the dining room, kitchen, and guest room, would work, but really,  can't I do better?

Then I saw the October issue of InStyle Magazine, and a huge rush of "that's it" washed over me. I am a colorist. My motto is: Why be afraid of color, when it never did anything to you. 

Ripped from the pages of the October 2011 issue of  InStyle Magazine - The pretty green bedroom of Sarah Silverman - interior design by Form Los Angeles

My plan: Kelly Green walls. Maybe keep the brown headboard we have, maybe change it out for a curvy padded one re-upholstered in a geometric print. Def keep burlap covered wall, paint nightstands Kelly green, paint doors with black and white stripes, paint dressing room and walk-in closet with black and white stripes. Change out turquoise silk drapes for black and white wide banded drapes. Get rid of TV armoire, and mount flat screen on wall. Bring in our brown damask print chaise. Change out sea grass rug?

I am also inspired by fellow colorists Tobi Fairley and Brian Patrick Flynn.

It will be a dramatic change. If I can talk the talk, I should be able to walk the walk. Does anyone out there have a Kelly Green room? Stay tuned...In the meantime here's an image round-up to keep me going.

Kelly Green Bedroom #1

Kelly Green bedroom #2 - Love the green print pillow case - Dwell Studio?

Kelly Green inspiration #3 - great textiles

Kelly Green bedroom #4 - we already have flower ball chandy

Kelly Green bedroom #5

Kelly Green bedroom #6

Kelly Green bedroom #7 - We already have white dressers, and they will stay that way

This will work on many levels. Each of the other rooms in the house has green, black, and brown in them, so the Kelly Green will weave into the other colors from the existing color story.  I feel exhilarated and energized!

Mitchell from Optimism and White Paint sent this to me for more inspiration - Interior design by Miles Redd

Getting in the mood for a Kelly Green room - Mood Board by Valorie Hart


  1. this is funny...i've been planning to paint the guest room for weeks...even tested samples, decided on a deep tobacco brown, and bought the paint, but I just haven't gotten around to, I saw Miles Redd's fantastic bright green foyer on the cover of last December's Veranda, and all I can think about it having the cover computer matched into paint

  2. Twenty years ago a dear friend painted her formal living room/dining room area that beautiful shade of kelly green, with white moldings. IT WAS EXQUISITE! It was dramatic, romantic, inspiring...any time of the day or night...with natural light or lit by lamps or candles for a quiet dinner. It was so ALIVE!!! and felt very fresh. I have never forgotten those walls in those combined rooms, even through that friendship lost its way and that house has been torn down. Paint your walls green, Valorie. They will be marvelous and transforming of more than your home.

  3. Go for it! Candy looked good on that chaise didn't she?

  4. never been a little green man, but i am crazy for that kelly and white chevron and the green on white print in photo 3!
    with the white furniture and the neutral burlap wall, your room will come up splendid. add a touch of viridian raw silk and velvet and some deep bronze accessories instead of the usual black. m