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Shop Keepers Homes 6 - Neil Alan Peyroux

I haven't done a Shop Keepers Homes feature in awhile, so I am excited to do one now on the home of Neil Alan Peyroux. I think you will really enjoy it!

Peyroux's Customs Curtains is a post Katrina baby. Native New Orleanian Neil Peyroux opened his shop right after Katrina, filling a need for the great demand for home furnishings to all who were rebuilding. Six years later it is well established as a great place to go for custom curtains.

Neil Alan Peyroux
This month his own home is featured in New Orleans Magazine (story by Bonnie Warren, photos by Cheryl Gerber). Peyroux's home is filled with color, beautiful fabrics, tasteful furnishings, and vibrant art work.
Neil Peyroux featured in New Orleans Magazine
Born in New Orleans, Neil’s creative roots run deep. His great-grandparents were well-known Italian opera singers who came to New Orleans to perform in the early 1900s, stayed, and opened the beloved Turci’s Italian Gardens. His family operated the restaurant for 57 years, and his uncle Earl Peyroux had a television cooking show and several hit cookbooks. His cousin is notable blues and jazz songstress Madeleine Peyroux. All this left Neil with a passion for people and an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit.

Neil loves color - The stripe silk drapes in the living room are fantastic - He chose all the textiles, and his friend Curtis Herring did the interior design chores
After successful stints in tourism and restaurant ownership, Neil followed his passion for creativity, textiles, color, and pattern and began a small solo curtain business. Within six months he had six full-time seamstresses working for him, along with a plum position as the exclusive production authority for a nationally-known group of curtain boutiques.

The downstairs features a comfortable den. “It’s the favorite place for
Wolfie and Sigmund, my dachshunds.” It also adjoins the patio and raised deck facing the
pool. I love the over size photo of Peyroux’s grandfather, who was an attorney and a member of the New Orleans Police
The swimming pool -  “Once a pecan grove, many of the trees still remain in the area, although I
have been told that a number came down during Hurricane Katrina,” says Neil, “The land was part of the Alfred Bonnabel plantation that exists a block away.”  photo by Neil Peyroux

The back porch - I love the Trina Turk fabric! - photo by Neil Peyroux
After Hurricane Katrina, Neil founded Peyroux’s Custom Curtains while in exile in Lafayette. He followed up with a New Orleans showroom a few months later — helping renew his hometown with meticulously custom-made curtains and window treatments for homes across the region.

Herring (Peyroux's designing friend) designed a completely new kitchen across the back of the house adding luxurious
Calcutta Gold marble for the counter top and backsplash. “I hand-selected the marble searching for the slabs with the most gold veins,” he says. 

Another view of that gorgeous marble in the kitchen - photo by Neil Peyroux
The dining room - Love the oversize lantern

The three bedrooms in the house showcase the talent of Peyroux’s workroom that made the
bedspreads, pillows and curtains. “I like the bold patterns and rich colors,” Peyroux says. “I
wanted fabric that was handsome, masculine and durable.”  I spy a Julie Neill light fixture
Another bedroom with beautiful custom textiles from Neil Peyroux

Peyroux has a line of ready-made curtains called Neil Peyroux HOME.
You can get it this line at JULIE NEILL DESIGNS, 3908 Magazine Street in New Orleans, and at great treasure trove of a consignment shop called LE BOULEVARD MARKETPLACE, 3815 Veterans Blvd. in Metairie.

I recently picked up a couple of gorgeous pair of navy blue silk panels, and had Neil customize them with Greek Key trim I got from M&J Trimming in New York,

His HOME line of beautiful textiles features fabrics from some of the top names in home decor including Robert Allen, Kravet, Beacon Hill, and B. Berger, along with trim and passementerie from Samuel & Sons.

From neutral linen and silk taffeta to colorful prints and modern geometrics, the curtains in the HOME line are made on-site with the same attention to detail as our custom orders. HOME curtains, however, feature a simpler silhouette, butterfly or box pleats, and standard hem lengths of 96, 108, and 120”. Neil also purchases larger quantities of our HOME fabrics, passing along our savings to his customers.

In addition to ready-made curtains, the HOME line includes plump, down-filled pillows stitched from coordinating fabrics — perfect for unifying the design elements in a room.

You can get beautiful Greek Key pillows like these from Neil Peyroux

Stop by and visit Neil Peyroux in his workroom, and tell him The Vamp sends you!

504 234 9668

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  1. i think this is a fab home.
    i am thrilled that you posted it.

    i can't help it...
    i love the pool and the outdoor space best.


  2. Loved seeing his home but of course I loved's the home of two dachshunds! What a great business to start up after Katrina. I'd say perfect timing for that.

  3. Neil has a great eye and is always adventurous with his art. He also has suported New Orleans galleries and businesses including mine. Thank you Neil!!!
    Carol Robinson