Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Proud Of House Proud - A Great Giveaway

UPDATE - last chance to enter House Proud Giveaway today!

 Many of you know I have been writing a book that is now out. It is called House Proud Unique Homes of Louisiana, published by Glitterati. In fact many of you have purchased it, and I thank you.

From Times Picayune Inside Out - Valorie Hart author of House Proud with photographer Sara Essex Bradley-photo by Chris Granger

From the book House Proud

  • In fact there are many many people to thank. There are the bloggers and the blog readers. Being a blogger has made everything possible. 
  • There is Deb Shriver who did the foreword, and pointed me to the publisher. 
  • There is my publisher Glitterati.
  • There are the homeowners who let me into their homes and hearts. 
  • There is the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, and all the creatives here who  embrace me and help me all the time. 
  • There is Sara Essex Bradley who is not just a photographer, but that once in a lifetime creative soul mate that I am privileged to have. 
  • There is my family. My sister Cher is my biggest cheerleader and inspiration. 
  • And there is always Alberto. Words cannot describe his dedication to me, and his constant belief in my talent. Ours is a love story, that goes beyond love.
Today is the official launch party of House Proud. I wish everyone of you could be here. One of the homeowners Lindsay Ross, along with Glitterati, arranged for it to be at the fabulous and prestigious Contemporary Arts Center.

So to help celebrate, Glitterati is giving away three copies of House Proud!

To win you have to work a little:

Leave a comment here on VV
Like the Glitterati Buzz Facebook Page
Like House Proud the Book Facebook Page

Glitterati will pick the winners by a random drawing. I will announce winners, so Anons can also have a chance to win, and collect their prize by contacting me or Glitterati.

In the meantime here are a few images and out takes from House Proud, representing each homeowner as a special thank you.


Lisa and Brian

Kellie and Marc

Ashley and Michael

Tom and Shawn

Sean and Chris

Lina and James

Mitchell and Thomas

Ron and Jeff

Jenni and Brian


Jill and Peter

Susan and Larry


Jessica and Nick

Bryce and Alan

Evie and Philip

Deborah and Michael

Sharon and Mile

Barbara and Clark


There are a ton more photos in the book, and of course each story I tell about each homeowner (which I hope you will enjoy as much as the photos!). Try to win this giveaway, or simply please buy the book.

Photos by Sara Essex Bradley 
From House Proud: Unique Home Design/Louisiana by Valorie Hart, © 2013, published by Glitterati Incorporated www.GlitteratiIncorporated.com

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  1. Congratulations Valorie on a stunning book. The homes shown here look wonderful and I would LOVE to see more and read more. Happy Booksigning! Party on.

  2. Congrats, Valorie! See you this evening. The book looks great! xo

  3. Congratulations! Every time I look at your book I find something new and intriguing. I am so coveting an Einstein bust, does Perch still carry them??? Have a lovely weekend.

  4. WOW, this book should be a treasure to own! I love homes featured in books that show the personality of the owners. I will first try to win a copy lol, but if that doesn't work I will for sure buy one. Thanks for this offer and Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations, what a wonderful adventure. Have great evening.

  6. Too much work for me, I'll buy my own copy! But I did want to say congratulations and enjoy the ride!

  7. Love this and would love to see more!

  8. Amazing images, can't wait to see more! Congratulations!

  9. What gorgeous photos of such stunning rooms! Would love to visit each home, personally!

  10. Liked the Glitterati Buzz and House Proud the Book on FB. The book looks awesome! You posted some great pics to whet our appetites...

  11. Valorie- Enter me! I've liked all the Facebook pages, too! The photos look great - Ashley and Michael's room is so lovely!


  12. I would love a chance to win that book. Love all the pages so far


  13. Congrats to you, Valorie - I would love to add your book to my library. By the way, you look great in your picture from the Times Picayune - you are one stylish lady and look great in that royal blue! Lori (lfarmer@belhaven.edu)

  14. Congratulations, so much beautiful inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  15. Beautiful... this book will surely inspire all of us.

  16. The book looks gorgeous! I've liked all pages! Plus I am from Louisiana!

  17. Wow! This book looks amazing and is a definite winner.

  18. Congratulations! I had no idea you were writing a book. The photos are such a visual treat. Thank you for sharing. This is a book I want. I love how you decorate which is why I come to this blog, although I also like your words & thoughts. It must be a wondrous thing to hold a book in your hand which you have written, that you can pull off a shelf and gaze at, saying "This is mine. I did this." Sure beats a kindle if you ask me. I adore books. To be a writer is a dream. Again, Kudos 2u.

  19. Congratulations, Valorie. We Louisianians definitely bring a dose of unique style to the decoration of home and life. You have done an exquisite job of beautifully detailing that in House Proud Unique Home of Louisiana. Each home is gorgeous and inspiring, showcasing great tastes, use of color, and the all important touch of Louisiana lagniappe. I love the framed K & B Drugs piece above the fireplace in the featured photo Mitchell and Thomas. Now that's a memory, an inspiration, and a Louisiana institution! The Katz and Besthoff building on St.Charles Avenue with the concrete statues sitting on the bench always fascinated me. What a great memory from a great city! I liked all the pages and look forward to following. Lovely read, Valorie!

    1. You are a winner! Please send me your email address.
      xo xo

  20. Stunning photos! I'd love to win and appreciate the opportunity.


  21. And Carey, whilst stuffing her greed back into the closet, said, "As I've already purchased a copy of your superb book, I will refrain from entering my comment to win another." Ignorning the muffled snarls of her print and design lust, she went on to state with utmost sincerity, "But I do extend my warmest congratulations on your remarkable accomplishment and wish you a most magical and celebratory day!"

  22. Congratulations Valorie- your book showcases your incredible and unique talent! I also am so touched by your dedication to Alberto- such a love story!

    Mimi @ A House Romance

  23. Congratulations on your book---you are so talented--I truly admire your style--hoping for a win!!!!

  24. The book looks fabulous...thanks for the chance to win...

  25. I would love to win a copy of the book, it looks fabulous! I will certainly buy a copy if for no other reason than to gift it so that someone else can enjoy the fruits of your labor! Congratulations on a beautiful job!

  26. Your book looks gorgeous and I know I would have hours of reading enjoyment looking thoroughly page by page.

  27. I liked the Glitterati Buzz Facebook page.

  28. I liked House Proud the book Facebook page.

  29. Congrats! The pics above look fantastic! I liked both pages on Facebook too!
    kendall608 (at) aol (dot) com

  30. Awww, Man, I am so House Proud of you....and all of your heart and soul piured into this tome!!

  31. This looks gorgeous - congrats! Im now following!

  32. This book just looks fabulous and right down my alley! So happy for you! elli1017@gmail.com

  33. Congratulations Valorie! This book is beautiful and an amazing accomplishment!

  34. Congrats!!!! Beautiful!!! Hope to get inspiration for my newly purchased mid-century home.

  35. I live the book and all the pictures you posted. Miranda's page, looked like me as I really like the color. It's quite lovely.

  36. I so love your blog! Your book would be cherished by me and my friends would want to steal it !!!
    I enjoy your blog and send it on to friends pretty often....
    hope I win !

  37. I thought I'd done this already...but then saw I had not. Your book looks wonderful!

  38. Hi Valorie-Just returned from a fantastic trip to Yellowstone National Park and want to leave a comment here hoping it is not too late to enter your contest for a House Proud book. I'm heading over to House Proud on Facebook and will buzz Glitterati Buzz.

  39. I'm throwing my name into the hat! If I don't win, I will most certainly be purchasing this book - I must have it! And you must sign it for me :)
    Congrats - it looks fabulous!!

  40. Liked ALL FB pages. LOVE the book! STUNNING!
    Cheers---- Garth Potter

  41. I want to WIN! I love Chapter 7!!!!! xoxoxo

  42. I love your blog! The book looks just wonderful. Thanks for this opportunity.

  43. I am beyond proud of you Valorie and you've always been a 'star' in my book (even though officially I don't have one!) & the books looks nothing short of fabulous. I wish I could have been there for the big launch party. It would have been a thrill to meet you in person at last and for such a momentous occasion; Alberto too! I will be buying a book soon, it's on my Christmas list! Congratulations my friend xx

  44. I always just want to devour your posts. Having the book would be very much like having your wit and expertise on demand! I wish you much success. You are a role model to me.

  45. i love your blog and can't wait to read the book!!

  46. Congrats Valorie .... a definite must have ... totally FAB!

  47. Congratulations! I am always delighted when another "Louisiana" book is published. Thank you from a devoted lover of all things 'home'!