Monday, February 17, 2014

Remembranzas - Memories

The tango Remembranzas was written in 1940, lyrics by Mario Battisella, music by Mario Melfi.
It was printed on the prayer card for Alberto's service that took place on February 15. Go to the link, the Planet Tango Lyrics Page Alberto created with hundreds of tangos translated from Spanish to English, and often with a link to a recording so you can hear it. We performed to this tango many times, our favorite version by the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese with the singer Jorge Maciel.
Go HERE to listen.


Como son largas las semanas
cuando no estas cerca de mi.
No se que fuerzas sobrehumanas
me dan valor lejos de ti.
Muerta la luz de mi esperanza
Soy como el naufrago en el mar,
se que me pierdo en lontananza
mas no me puedo resignar. Ah!… que triste es recordar,
despues de tanto amar,
esa dicha que paso,
flor de una ilusion,
nuestra pasion
se marchito.
Ah!… olvida mi desden,
retorna, dulce bien,
a nuestro amor,
y volvera a florecer
nuestro querer
como aquella flor.
En nuestro cuarto tibio y rosa
todo esta igual, como otra vez
y en cada adorno, en cada cosa
te sigo viendo como ayer.
Tu foto sobre la mesita
que es credencial de nuestro amor
y aquella hortensia ya marchita
que fue el canto de mi dolor.
How long are the weeks
when you are not close to me.
I don’t know what superhuman strengths
give me courage far away from you.
The light of my hope having died,
I am like the shipwrecked in the sea
I know I get lost in the far horizon
but I cannot resign myself. Oh! how sad it is to remember
after having loved so much
that happiness that went by
flower of an illusion
our passion
has withered.
Oh! forget my scorn,
return, my sweet,
to our love
and it will bloom again
our wanting
like that flower.
In our warm and rose colored room
everything it’s the same as it was
and in each ornament, in each thing
I continue looking at you like I did yesterday.
Your photo on the little table
is a witness of our love
and that already withered hydrangea
which was the song of my pain.
Copyright (c) Planet Tango 1998-2010 All Rights Reserved

The recordings of Osvaldo Pugliese were played throughout visitation. La Mariposa, La Yumba, Desde el alma....all of our favorites we danced to. Recuerdo was played as the processional with the pallbearers, six men that loved him including his son and our students and friends.
Go HERE to listen, and say a prayer for Alberto.

If you would like a prayer card please email me your address and I will send you one.


  1. How bittersweet are these memories for you, Valorie. The service sounds like it was planned to perfection and a fitting tribute to Alberto. I know this gives you great comfort.

  2. What a wonderful tribute, to a man you clearly loved very much, few of us have that privileged.

  3. Ah, Valorie. You could not have chosen better for Alberto than Pugliese's complex, passionate music that so demands response between partners. Bless you.

  4. Writing this through tears...I wish there was something I could say to bring you peace.
    My daughter, Gracie, calls these tears "happy-sad". The love you share is beyond beautiful. Many never have such an opportunity...oh but the loss seems unbearable.
    I am praying for you.



  5. Absolutely full of thoughts for you all week-end, Valorie. I must admit I was relieved to see another post from you today. Alberto's service sounds authentic and beautiful, and the details are heartbreakingly dear. I just listened to the tango links and sent up my prayers. -Carey

    I listened to both links you provided, and , a very personalized honoring of a special man.

  6. Beautiful! How lucky you were to have a love that like. Love doesn't end just because one of you is goes on and on and on. Loved listening to that Tango. Now I am convinced I need a bunch of this music to listen to in my house!

    I'm so glad you were able to have a service that truly honored him. Love you...thinking of you.....

  7. Many prayers for you Valorie - I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful Tango.

  8. Dearest Valorie, It's so beautifully written, your love shines through every word, every picture, every song. We are thinking of you and send you our love and are still grateful for the wonderful afternoon we could share with you and Alberto. He is in our thoughts.

  9. I, too, am so grateful you posted and shared these incredible tributes to your love, Alberto.
    You both are in our thoughts.
    Take life at your pace these next few weeks and months. There are no timelines. Be. Bask in memories.
    So very happy you two found each other; an amazing gift you are to each other.

  10. Thank you for posting and giving us a part of your Alberto. My sympathies for your loss, you've honored your love in a very beautiful way and my prayers are for your comfort and peace.