Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sign The Guest Book Please

Planning a funeral. What an experience. The process has evolved using some of the very tools we use on social media. There was a beautiful slide show of photos selected by family. There is an internet site where you can sign the guest book so to speak, by leaving a comment. You can view the slide show in a photo gallery. I can add pictures, so if you have a favorite photo of Alberto please email me a jpg and I will put it on his internet guest book. It is certain that we will all die, and that the internet is forever, a legacy so to speak.

Please go HERE to become a part of the legacy of Alberto Paz by leaving a comment in the online guest book.

Please go HERE to sign Alberto's guest book

Please go HERE to sign Alberto's guest book

Please email me a favorite photo you might have of Alberto Paz and I will add it to the online photo gallery in the legacy guest book - I miss him so much

Videos at the repast showing a New Orleans tradition:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S49rJjhn85EAlberto Paz repast


The band is Alberto's favorite, Smoking Time Jazz Club


  1. I absolutely will be signing Alberto's guest book, Valorie. I want to percolate on my thoughts and compose my words carefully, so my entry won't show up for a day or two. Love you, Carey

  2. The videos: It does my heart good to see the fine weather, smiles, dancing, jazz, and loads of friends & family on your front porch in honor of Alberto. Especially to see your dear self with violet locks and a bit of boogie. -Carey

    p.s. Bass players are so groovy.

  3. Dear VV,
    I have not read your blog in a couple of weeks, and am so shocked, and saddened, by the passing of your dear husband, Alberto. Reading your blog, I always looked forward to seeing you two holding each other in dance, and smiling, as if you had a very special secret, and weren't going to share it!
    February is a rough month for many people, including myself. Both of my parents died in February, 10 years apart. My mom, from New Orleans, and my dad, from New Jersey. A North-South combination, different in so many ways, but they, like you and Alberto, "danced well together" and only one was the lead, at any given time.
    My deepest condolences to you, and I admire your strength at this time, especially to post the details of his life, and the funeral. If I lived nearby, I would certainly stop by to just sit and listen, as this is the old-style Southern way, which sadly, in these days and times, is almost non-existent. May God send you dear friends to watch over you, and to comfort you.
    Much love,

  4. I've just signed Alberto's guest book, Valorie. I apologize for the delay, but I struggled with trying to convey how much I care even though we've never met. The slide show photographs are fabulous, really. I so enjoyed seeing them. Love, Carey

  5. What a great tribute to the family and the loved ones! Social media and the internet have amazing tools to honor those who have passed on! Thank you so much for sharing!